I've been treading water for your love.

Bedding from Joules*, cushions from Primark, lights from Debenhams and vase from The Range.

We all have our favourite room in the house, where we tend to go to escape everything, and do what we love best, whether it reading a book or magazine, listening to music, chatting with a friend over a cup of tea or even just blogging. For us Little's, the bedroom is definitely the most cosiest and well presented room in our house (Little B would probably choose the living room!) and with a snug place to hide, a pretty duvet is essential.

Now, as you know, us Little's enjoy the cheaper things in life, bedding being one of them, so when we were sent this bedding from Joules, it's like we'd been living a lie all along. I wish we were actually kidding. But seriously, it is like heaven.. And oh my, don't even get us started on the softness of the crisp white sheets.

I love nothing more than coming home from work, turning on (all those 5647) the fairy lights, putting on my slippers and pyjamas and snuggling down into my bed with a fresh bunch of flowers by my side. I definitely do go to sleep with a smile on my face.. Even if Little R is sleeping on my face!

Also, Company magazine have opened up their 2013 blog awards.. We know it's pretty unlikely that we'd stand any chance compared to all these beautifully dressed people, but us Little's would be over the moon if you decided that you wanted to vote for us, most likely under best blogging duo, or best personal style blog (we're really not sure which?!) You can vote here. We'd never normally do anything like this, but if you don't try, you'll never know!

Now, who fancies coming over for a cup of tea and a bourbon, and snuggling down with me tonight?

The Little Winters x

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