You show the lights that stop me turn to stone.

Little Me wears: An Oh My Love jumper*, a pretty Ever Ours dress* and Ash boots.

Today is all about pink and cream. And pleats. Because every once in a while it's OK to mix all your pleats and pinks and have a bit of a girls day. And my that I mean that I sure looked the snazziest when cleaning the house this morning! Once we'd eaten our hot cross buns and finished our warm drinks, we headed out for some fresh air in our town which was really quite nice. Except, I must invest in snow shoes!

We're currently debating where to go tomorrow. It seems a bit of a toss up between Cadburys world or Harry Potter world. I've never seen Harry Potter (que gasps) so wondering if I'll still enjoy it. Personally, I'd rather sack them both off and head to Beatrix Potter world! Not sure Little B would be thrilled...

The Little Winters x

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