So dance while you can, love out of lust

Dress: Primark. Top: New Look. Hat: H&M Kids. Boots: Primark.

Feeling a bit like I should be in Mary Poppins today in this attire. Saying that, I've been baking cookies and scones so I would be a bloody good Mary P at that too!

Trying to rock the hat again. I will not give up, and I shall wear it forever more and look a tit still. That'll be until my Papa G tells me I should be cleaning chimneys in it. Not sure the dress would be good to clean chimneys in! I bought this last year, but it seems Primark have won us over and done pretty much the same this year! Wins. Oh and I promise, I shall stop wearing these boots soon..  

Also, going to massively apologise for the lack of blog commenting that one has been doing.. Being internetless has made me feel a bit Victorian! But I guess I should embrace it.. And maybe I should pick up a book and start reading...

Or just sleep.. That seems like a better idea!


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