Let's do some baking, and turn them into hearts

Mmm hello delicious chocolate chip cookies that are heart shaped! Yes we made these this week, because, well, you have to bake when you move into a new place right? And as for the heart shapes? I've taken my heart shape addiction to a whole new level..!

So anyway, here's my attempt at helping you along with these (really easy!) yummy cookies..

What you will need... (These make approximately 16!)

140g Butter / 200g Sugar / 300g Flour / 100g Chocolate chips / 1 Egg

Firstly, pre heat your oven to 180 degrees, so that it's all nice and warm. And get your bowls and spoon (or whisk if you're fancy) out.

Mix together the butter and sugar until it's (as Littlebum says) pale and fluffy! Then add in your egg (whatever size you fancy.. They all seem the same to me!) Beat this in thoroughly until the egg has disappeared.

Once the egg is fully mixed in, sieve in your flour (the messy bit.. Or is that just me?!) Until it's soft dough. You may need to add more flour, depending on the consistency (this is why I dated a chef right?!)

Once you're happy with this, add in the chocolate chip cookies or whatever you feel like if you're adventurous!

Once you're happy with your dough (and haven't eaten all the chocolate chips!) place some cling film on your work surface, and sprinkle some flour on this. Also, you may want to grease proof your baking tray ready. Next get your rolling pin, and get rolling. We made ours quite thin so the mixture made plenty more. But if you like thick ones, then amen.. Go for it! 

Get busy busy cutting away your heart (or circle if you're normal) shapes, and then place them gently onto your baking tray. And pop them in the oven to work their magic for 20/25 minutes.

This is the boring bit where you wash up now. Or if you have a dishwasher.. Make yourself a cup of tea.

And once you seem happy with them (lightly crispy, yet still soft inside) take them out, and leave them too cool.

Serve with a lovely pot of tea, in a nice cosy house. Perfect.


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