I put some new shoes on and suddenly everybody's smiling

T Shirt dress: H&M. Belt: Matalan. Shoes: c/o Missikon

I just want to clarify before we go any further, that no I am not attempting a poop in the first photo (I am super happy in fact), and also I didn't fall flat on my ass in the third photo. You probably didn't even think that did you.. But now I've made you go back to look..?

And yes, these appeared the best photos out of the lot.. So here's to the perculiar mannerism poses!

Oooh hello new shoesies, just what every girl loves when they arrive home from work, to be greeted by some beautiful heeled, wonderful coloured shoes. I was totally like every girl and their nan, and put them on straight away. And tottered, tried to totter, around my garden thinking I was Miss super stylish of the world. As you do right.. Please tell me I'm not alone?

Plus they brightened up my dull tshirt dress, which to be fair, I do like a lot. It's perfect for work (if a little on the short side) and super snug too.. Sometimes I even fall asleep in it straight after my long day.

Upon admitting that to the world, I've now come to realise, that's actually pretty grim of me..


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