He went crazy at nineteen, said he'd lost his self esteem

Dress: Missguided.  Scarf and Boots: Primark.

I kinda don't help my self, in the way that I am an easy target to be picked on. By my family and friends. 

At my parent's house for dinner last night, they decided that it would be funny to 'discuss' my posing, with my dad trying to recreate it and asking "is this it?", with my brother in hysterics, and my mum trying to semi stick up for me. And what do you know, I completely ignored it, and did it exactly as my dad had done it! I guess I will never learn.

So besides the fact that I am as unaware as you are, at what seems to be so interesting on the ground, I'm basically wearing the same as this post, but just my Missguided dress instead. Plus I've proper been bumming this scarf lately, which is funny, when all along I've never been 'a scarf person'. I'm full of lies. And Schmidtla is full of belt. Like literally. This morning I noticed, he's had a good ole munch at this belt. If I found a friend munching on it, I'd make her pay.. But Schmidt's too lazy to work.

Guess my lady of leisure lifestyle will be a distant dream. It is when I eat jelly tots for dinner.


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