We can do it all, just don't let the music stop

1: Missguided dress. 2: Holiday snap lurking about. 3: The greedy goblin.

4: Littlebum is a hungry bean. 5: Best puddings maybe? 6: Fringe please.

7: My best friend. 8: Breakfast heaven. 9: Glamorous dress.

10: Chilling at the seaside. 11: Man V food. 12: Man won.

13: Pose pose pose. 14: My ribena cup thanks. 15: Icecream at midnight.

I haven't done one of these for a while, so thought I'd see what photos were lurking about on Littlebum's phone. Not too many actually. I think I've finally accepted the fact I don't own an Iphone. 

Finally getting used to my weekends being Sunday and Monday. It actually feels like it's longer.. Although I'm sure that'll change! Plus I secretly love staring at all the beautiful collections at work. And I've decided my favourite is definitely MSGM.

I'm now off to do my housework, in preparation for when I marry a rich man, so I can live the high life.....

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