I love you in the morning, when you're still hungover

Dress: c/o Madam Rage. Top: New Look Generation. Belt: Pop Couture. Wedges: New Look.

Today is a day, when I realise that sometimes I am such a bore. Such a bore with my shopping habits. By this, I mean that I always head straight to the dresses. The dresses that either go in at the waist, or are a straight down, no fuss, eat as much as you like kinda dress. With vest type sleeves. Oh, and printed too.

And of course, when Madam Rage contacted me, I went straight to the dresses, the one with the cutest print, and a pulled in waist. Because I'm a predictable Penny. That's what I am. But actually, I just want to be an adventurous Audrey.

I want to go for things I don't normally (YES like the shiny leggings situation!) and "Oh my Christ" (hello Pamela quote from Gavin & Stacey!)  I even dreamt about jeans today! I KNOW right.

So look at me branching out, children's t-shirts over dresses and what not. Actually this is a lie. It was a bit on the breezy side, so instead of a vest, this seemed like a cooler option. And you know what? Next week, I AM going to wear jeans. For the first time in 32975932 years. And I AM going to try and enjoy it.

I'll just make sure I'm standing upright and still for a few hours. Not sure how that'll go down..

 Katy x

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