And one by one we fell down the rabbit hole

Dress: Missguided. Belt: Pop Couture. Shoes: c/o SoYouShoes

I picked up this dress last week. I say picked up, I mean that my little speedy fingers ordered it on payday before I could stop them. Obviously I didn't stop them.

I guess you cannot go wrong with a little black dress.. Funny I should say that, the last 3 things I've ordered (besides a childrens tee which now I sleep in!) are all black dress. But technically they're all different.

Attempted the shoes again. I like to think the more I potter about in them, the better I'll get when they make their huge debut. I reckon they'll be allowed out for one night soon and they'll go a bit crazy, which'll probably just end in tears. 

I already feel that way, that I can't do the running man in them (trust me, I tried!)!

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