If you love me let me go back to that bar in Tokyo

Tee: H&M (Cannot find the link?!) Dog print shorts: c/o OASAP. Pumps: Primark. Hair piece: Matalan.

Ahh shorts. The things I spend majorty of my life fighting with. Now for me, I like them either high waisted, or baggy around the thigh. The bagginess (so I tell myself) helps make my thighs look smaller. And the high waisters suck in the stomach. 

So when I saw these dog print shorts, I was kinda taking a risk. They were one size. I was really pushing it, thinking they'd fit over my rear. But alas, they did! And they aren't high waisted. Nor are they baggy. But they're also not tight!

And I actually really like them. To be quite honest, they may have even converted me!

I decided to not make them girly, like I always do. So kept it simple with a tee and some pumps. Quite a different look for myself, but I'm preparing for festivals. Because I even know myself, I'd look a tit with my wedges and summer dresses in a field.

And so yes, I am trying the cool approach. And if all else fails, I'll just be happy my thighs aren't spilling out!

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