Fly me to the moon

Trousers: Topshop. Jumper: Topshop. Shoes: c/o So You Shoes

After being a trouser virgin for pretty much most of my cooler years (or so I'd like to think anyway!) I have been absolutely transfixed with these Topshop ones. I remember the first time we met.. On my lunch break of course! But I couldn't understand why my love for them was so strong... After all, why was I even contemplating a fling with something that I never wear? So I tried to ignore this feeling, but every lunchtime I found myself standing in front of them, thinking how beautiful they were. And being the Spontaneous Susan that I appear to be lately, I treated myself. Like I always do. And my latest excuse for these, was that I really could do with some trousers. Printed ones of course.

And you know what, all those debates of are they too expensive for something I won't wear enough, were put aside because I sure have lived in these already. I want to wear them everywhere! I say I've lived in them, I've worn them as much as it limits me too. Eating out in them? You have GOT to be kidding me?! Standing up looking like a lamppost? Absolutely perfect for!

So now, I am off to be a lamppost for the next few weeks. It's kinda a good thing really, because I keep falling over in these shoes still.

Whoever said standing still was easy, obviously didn't wear tight trousers!

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