And it feels like I am just too close to love you

Dress: Glamorous. Belt: Matalan. Wedges: Primark.

Wearing this dress, and standing in my back garden took a lot of patience, to not simply (attempt too) run around with my arms spread open wide, thinking I was Rapunzel who had literally just let down her hair.

That's exactly what this dress makes me feel like. Or in English term, like a fairytale character.

Littlebum bought me this dress from Glamorous when it was our anniversary. I needed a dress for a wedding this weekend.. Yes NEEDED. It's been years since I've been to a wedding (Note to friends: Please hurry up and get married KTHNX?!) and when an invite popped up for a family one, I made room in the diary.. All so I could buy a nice new dress.

I'm super excited for this weekend after yet another short week at work (I like to pretend I'm living the high life!) as I'm off to see Dirty Dancing on Friday evening with Mama Mcfred, so that'll be a nice time had by all. Then we have the wedding, and our houseparty. Yes another houseparty. And of course, now that we have more rooms, that can only mean more people right?!

Lots more vodka jelly will be made, jager shots will be consumed and heaps of chips and cheese will be eaten. 

Mmmm I'm excited already! Not sure Schmidt thinks the same..

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