We're just ordinary people

1: Who needs a washing machine when you have Schmidt? 2: Peanut butter YUM. 3: My favourite place.

4: Hello Kitty shoooes! 5: Latest purchase. 6: Doughballs are the best.

7: Schmidty bum. 8: I am part of a stationary set. 9: Someone won't let me leave.

10: Tidy kitchen. For once. 11: "Don't take a photo of my cheap converse" 12: Doormat.

13: My ride for 6 weeks. 14: Hamster in the muesli? 15: Cuddles.

A whirlwind week. I feel like I've been on holiday in a tumble dryer. Truth. Considering we only moved in the other weekend, we still haven't got everything done! Doesn't help that I'm back in the city during the week and this weekend was spent between hospital visits, food shopping and driving a car too big for me.

But who am I to complain, I get to spend my mornings snuggled up in my new favourite bed ever with my favourite teeny tiny furry friend Schmidt. And funnily enough he does sit still. More still than I ever could.

Littlebum is trying to train him. It's hilarious. I don't even think you can train a hamster...?!

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