I saw her slam back tequila's

Dress: Primark. Jacket: New Look. Boots: Unbranded

I obviously thoroughly enjoy putting my hand up in the air like a soggy rich tea biscuit been dipped for too long, whilst longingly looking at the non existant birds. Or ladybirds. You choose. Basically, call me a terribly awkward poser.

This dress is old, old like me. Well so it feels, it's been an item that has been a dear friend in my wardrobe for quite some time now. It has been around a bit. Then it got pushed aside for my new clothing friends. But then today I decided I would be kind, and hang out with it. Along with my kids leather jacket (I don't have a kid. It  IS a kids)

I had an interview today, I won't get my hopes up because I'll end up crying if I don't get it. BUT it went well so I think. Can talking so much go well?! So if you could keep your fingers and toes crossed and braid your hair too, for me, that would be absolutely splendid.

Now I'm back in the small smoke, where I can take a break from being an awkward poser and catch up on all the rubbish tv shows, and the sleep that I deserve after being the best nurse possible to my falling apart parents.

Much love to the parents. And my two smelly boys back in the shire. BE GOOD. OR ELSE.

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