Sometimes I lay, under the moon

Dress: River Island. Belt: Matalan.

Today I went to London in my new dress, to see my posh friends. They're not really that posh. Just a little. 

It was ever so lovely, we ate some delicious food, soaked up the sun and quenched our thirst in Diet Coke.

Then we sat in Covent Garden basically dying.. My friends had hangovers, I was just a wimp. I soon felt better when we spent our pennies (the hat IS essential HICKS!) in Rokit. Hi new skirt!

To end a perfect day, I got sat on by a fatty on the train. I thought she was going to eat me. Thankfully she didn't.

1: Lunch! 2: Ice creeeam. 3: Hicks love. 4: HEY Schmidt.

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I could have been a princess you'd be a king

A foxtrot above my head, A sock hop beneath my bed