Somebody that I used to know

1: Helping us on the many journeys back and fourth. 2: The best hot chocolate in town. 3: Littlebum at the farm.

4: Hey farm shop. 5: Dinner at some fancy place.6: The cat likes to help packing too.

7: Operation preparation for cupcake baking. 8: Putting off baking.. 9: 116 cupcakes later.

10: Cat 3D TV just got better. 11: Snuggles with the boys. 12: Abandoned building walks.

13: Best £1 I've ever spent.14: The hairgrip returns. 15: Littlebum being a little bum.

HELLO! I am back. Well Kinda. After a week of back and fourth down the M1 numerous times, lots of fancy dinners and endless cups of tea, we still haven't completed packing! HA! Funny story that, considering we're handing back our keys tomorrow.. and we're still at my parents! It's warm, there's company and we get food.. Need I say more.

However, we had a right good shindig last night for my Mama's birthday, I will be posting a few of the 506 photos I took. Yes 506.. I dread to think of the editing on them! We danced all night, drank way too many drinks, and did shots we shouldn't have. My mum looked absolutely beautiful, everyone was in black and white and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Now I'm off to the pub for some good food, before heading back to put the last of our flat into boxes. THIS time we WILL get it done!

Hope you've all had a good weekend. I'LL BE BACK TOMOROW!

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