I could have been a princess you'd be a king

1: Schmidt likes playing hairdressers. 2: Job hunting is tiring. 3: A chilled evening.

4: The mirror I have to deal with. 5: Still haven't quite unpacked. 6: Snuggles with Schmidtybum.

7: Date night. 8: FIT starters at Chiquitos. 9: Polished the LOT.

10: Obviously know where he gets his hunger from.. 11: Doctor Littlebum. 12: Lacee

 Funny how another week has gone by, and I still haven't unpacked. Actually that's really not funny. It's quite annoying every morning when I'm faffing and declaring I just cannot see (insert clothing here) ANYWHERE.

I've spent the week eating, a lot, playing with my BFF Schmidtybum, which I must add has been a right barrel of laughs, and attempting to find one good reason why this mirror should even be classed as a mirror.

Now I have to decide whether I want to finish off 90210 (yes I am currently 3 episodes away from catching up!) or get my legs out and snooze in the sunshine. Because let me tell you, being in this house alone with just a snake isn't that fun. 

I hope he's had his breakfast. Or I may be just that.

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