Every word you say I think I should write down

Dress: Ever Ours. Collar top: Internacionale. Shoes: Office. Bag. Matalan.

Upon looking at these shoes in these photos, I think they resemble camels feet. Don’t you think? I absolutely love them though, so either way I’ll still wear them. Funny that, I always talk about camel penis’ and now camel looking shoes. I bet you all think I want to be a camel… Guess you could say that’s my inspiration.

I don’t think camels would wear this beautiful dress though… I initially picked this up for LDNlunch but because I’m a freak of nature and hate wearing leggings I decided against it! But in fact I did wear leggings for these photos. Actually that’s a lie. They’re tights. I changed into leggings after. Not sure my family would approve of bumshow Sunday.

And so as of today I am offically classed as a homeless person. I really shouldn’t be bragging about it because it’s not actually funny, but for some reason I am thoroughly enjoying telling everyone this. For those of you serious Susans, Littlebum and I are currently (very kindly) living at his parents. So I’m genuinely NOT on those streets with my 700 bags of clothes.

And on that note, I’m off to wallow in the fact that I am no longer a housewife for the time being. I’m a bum.

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