Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine

Dress: River Island. Skirt: Topshop. Shoes: Dorothy Perkins.

I give you permission to call me a prostitute in this post, after all my shoes sure do look on par with one. However ugly/amazing you think they are, they are bloody comfortable and funnily one of my favourite pairs!

Firstly I want to thank you all for your extremely kind words on my last post. I have been touched (sadly not literally) by all your ever so sweet comments, and I know we're not alone, and by reading, many of you feel the same way. It really helped writing this post too! I feel so much better. If I could I would give you all a sloppy kiss.

Wearing my new skirt again, after epically leaving it behind the day I purchased it! I love it, although looking at these photos.. It makes me look a bit chubster. I think it may be the thickness of the material, and possibly the shape which doesn't help. But looking on the chunk side is overlooked when it's such a babe. I teamed it with my River Island dress because I'm such a collar freak. I want collars on everything.  Currently can't wear this dress alone. I totally it ripped at work the other week when I sat down on my chair (Hilarious I must add) and basically i'm too lazy to sew it up right now.. Funny that, I THINK the skirt makes me look fat, and I ripped a dress.. Maybe I should take notice and stop getting caught in the cookie jar.

I'm spending the evening with littlebum, hunting for flats and cooking something with philadelphia and chicken in. On a chicken diet this week... Well so he says! That's pretty much the only meat I'll eat. And philadelphia on EVERYTHING! Then topped on with a romantic film, because I always win the film war, and an early night. Perfect. 

I go to sleep really early, so that LDNlunch comes round quicker. Just call me COOL.

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