Like a river to a raindrop

Blouse: Ribbon. Shorts: Topshop. Bag: Matalan. Boots: Truffle.

Today I wore this, but I wished I was in my bikini instead. Actually that's a lie, I didn't WANT to be in my bikini, I just thought it appropriate with this weather. Or not. It wasn't THAT hot... 

This is one of my favourite blouses. I say this, even though I haven't worn it for months because it needed washing. I sound such a skanky scrotum, but I hate washing whites. Now that I have 75745 items that are white I thought it time it got some special treatment. Opted to wear it with my penis shaped shorts,giving you the Victorian transexual look... Life is good.

Super excited for the weekend, I'm off to the filming of Lets Dance for Sport Relief Saturday evening with two friends and I found out that Ed Sheeran is performing. I may be a dribbler and that, but he's not really someone I'd dribble over, although I may allow myself to be slightly tongue wagging! Then on Sunday I'm giving Mama Mcfred and my grandparents food poisoning (unintentional I must add) as I'm cooking for them, followed by a walk around the lake. My favourite.

Time for food. Again. I haven't stopped eating today. Never mind moving out the flat, it may well be eaten shortly..

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