I'm a Little Me

Knit: H&M. Shorts: Topshop. Collar: Little Me

Woah there, in the same shorts again. Skankzilla I think. Or not, cause actually I'm currently wearing my really slutty playsuit today. I thought if I'm going to be on TV I've got to at least show some bum cheekage right? So look out for me tonight!

Let's step aside from the shorts that I always wear, to this incredible piece of material we call the collar. I am a collar whore. Honestly. Any opportunity of clothing that can accept a collar WILL wear a collar. Styled over my dresses, peeking through my knits, or even just in their full glory... I love them! 

And my new addition to my collar clan, is this beauty.. The lucy collar. Personally, I feel more like Cruella Deville than a Lucy, but who am I too complain! I just love it. Of course, when it arrived on my doorstep, being the child that I am, I harassed the packaging an extreme amount and within seconds I popped it straight onto my trusty (not crusty) knit and headed back to work with it!

Little Me is owned by the little petite perfection that is Sophie. There is an array of choices on the website, ranging from the cute simple round edged ones to the sharper, pointed sort. Sophie makes these collars with her own bare hands (the best part OBVIOUSLY) in her spare time and is a right babe too. You should be sure to check out her weeebsite, and if you're from Northamptonshire.. Then why not pop round to her's for a cup of tea (that alright Sophie?!) Big up to the Northants kids!

And on that note, I'm off to take my Northants ass and continue being a collar whore, to the studios.

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