I wish I had a mango tree, in my back yard

Dress: Ever Ours. Shoes: Peacocks. Head Scarf: Matalan.

Today I didn't feel like being in colour. It doesn't mean it has been a bad day. It has just been one of those days when things have just swifted past your very eyes, and you've stared right through it. That was my day. I blame the sleepyness.

I'm assuming that I'm trying to be a hippy today.. I'm quite possibly the least hippy kid ever in the world. But alas, I will tie a headscarf around my hair and sit on a box in my bathroom. With some plum heels on. As you do right?

Now I shall finish my day, listening to Angus and Julia Stone, whilst drinking an extremely large mug of tea and attempting a cuddle with little Schmidt. I missed him last night. I fell asleep at 6pm.

I think it's time I drive past the care home, and admit myself in.

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They were sitting in the strawberry swing

I wanna be drunk when I wake up