One Hundred and Sixty Four

Dress: Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: New Look.

I am alive. Pleased? Who cares! I managed to head back to work today, it was a little struggle.. But actually was kinda glad to be back (till I saw my HUGE pile of paperwork!) and what did I do? Email Mama Mcfred instead! I wore one of my new favourite work dresses, I LOVE IT, it's such a great length.. considering my short legs. And it's also very similar to the Topshop Skater dresses but covers more of your arms.. and £16 cheaper! Win win really.. Hence why I just HAD to get it! However, sadly I did swap my shoes for some pumps which I never though I'd wear again after the little Paris incident! 

So I came a cross a site the other month, RisingTaste and yesterday I found myself drawn back to it again. My wishlist is pretty long if I'm honest, but the prices are absolutely incredible. They are wholesalers in China, and stock some beautiful clothing (you just have to trawl through the hundreds of pages!) These are my favourites that are going to be purchased on payday:

1: Elegant princess dress - £13.66 2: Sleeveless Chiffon dress - £8.62 3: Cross suspender dress - £8.02

I loved the simplicity of them. The pastel green caught my eye first, and such a cheap price! I could buy SIX of them! I also drooled over the black dress (a girl can never have too many LBD's), however plain it was, it was just gorgeous. The back has such a perfect cut. I struggle with backless dresses.. you know, BRA SITUATION! But this one tickd the right boxes! And the ever so lovely, princess dress, I thought the detailing on the top half was super cute! It also looks a little thick - great for this weather!

The only downside is the delivery - because it's coming from China, it's pretty pricey. However, If I order the cheapest delivery (20 - 40 days OUCH!) then all together, I could be paying roughly £29 for 3 dresses. 

I guess I can't really complain at that can I?

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