Spill it Sunday #5

I was going to bail on Spill it Sunday again, but after missing it last week I thought it best I do it! I don't even know if many people read this feature, or more so enjoy it?! But basically, I have made the effort of pausing Miami 7 (yes that's right the S Club 7 episodes!) to write this! I'm having a WICKED time. Eating jaffa cakes  - this time I have 65 to get through! Drinking tea, and having cuddles with dearly beloved Schmidt! Plus I'm searching online for these beaut of a shoes. I'm thinking with my Topshop dress for Mama Mcfred's partayyyy. I don't normally do leopard print. But I like. A lot.

When was the last time you cried?

Last night. I was watching The Snowman (thanks YT!) and it made me cry. It's not even sad.. But I cried, because I really wanted to be friends with the Snowman. He looks like great company. And I like his bald head too.

If you were on a desert island and had the choice of all Simpsons episodes ever made, OR the complete works of shakespeare for your entertainment, which one?

Possibly none.. BUT If I had to.. I'd have to say the Simpsons. I don't like them, but at least I could understand what's going on.

Whats the most expensive thing you've ever bought?

My rent?! Ha. Apart from that, I'd say my snowboard. It cost me a whoooper of £400. I was desperate for it last year, and could only order it in America. I literally rang around the whole of the UK in search for it! (cause I'm like that!) and on tracing one down, it cost me more than the American one! But I love it. And stroke it. A lot.

Tell us something about you that we don't know...

You will probably never see me with my hair up. And If you EVER did, then you won't get a photo out of me. It's literally one of the biggest problems to me. I love staring at how girls have styled their hair, in beautiful buns and WISH I could wear mine like this. But I just won't. Not ever. I can't really explain why I'm like this, but basically I worry that with my hair up, I look like a boy. You may laugh. You may compliment me. You may agree. But whatever your thoughts, I just won't accept it. For many school years I was bullied for being dark skinned, which meant, having visible hair, curly locks, and darker skin. But the worst part, was that I was bullied by boys, not girls. And I think boys are worse. Girls are just bitchy anyway, so you kinda accept it as jealousy or something.. But boys there are no excuse. And with this bullying, bought so many insecurities to me. I'm quite confident now, but I still think to this day that I will get mistaken for a guy. I'm conscious in a bikini. I hate my arm hair, and I constantly get my eyebrows waxed. All because of this. I should learn to let it go, but when a boy says hurtful things.. you carry them with you forever. 

And there we have it, something you possibly didn't know about me! I'll leave you with two cute photo's of little Schmidt! He's such an oddball he really is. And if he's not eating me or pooping on me, he's falling off his wheel. But I still love him.

One Hundred and Fifty Three

One Hundred and Fifty Two