One Hundred and Forty Eight

Bonjour! I am back, with basically one foot (or two half feet.. whichever) and fluent in French. I'm joking. However today I kept finding myself attempting French.. In England! Perculiar. I had a lovely lovely few days,  and Paris was of course, beautiful and yes I did fall in love. I've decided that when I am rich, I am going to live IN the Eiffel Tower.. Kinda like the Hunchback y'know?

Although, the weather wasn't that great at times (a great excuse for endless hot chocolates!) we still managed to see a fair few sites like the proper tourists we all know we are. To be honest, I like History and whatnot, but I'm not going to lie.. I got bored. Once you've seen it, you've seen it haven't you?! I'm just like a child... Keep me fed every few hours, and I'm entertained! 

Also, I was the biggest retard (thanks to everyone who finds my blog googling retard.. I use it a LOT!) because I decided that being in the City, I would don my nice NEW wedged shoes.. which turned out to be a bad move, resulting in actually buying my first ever pair of dolly shoes come the last day! Let's just say, I did spend majority of the last day staring at my 'flat feet' thinking "I cannot believe I'm wearing these!" 

So besides the short concetration span, and cripple that I became, we drank lots of wine, ate way to much Onion soup, and just had a bloody romantic time! I also had a lovely birthday, and went for dinner next to the Eiffel Tower (because that was my favourite!) and we even managed the metro a fair few times.. which I must add, more efficient yet could do with a little bit of a scrub! And the amount of homeless people.. with NO shoes. In THIS weather! And there was me, complaining about my heels! To be fair, I did want to give this man my shoes, but judging by his feet size.. they wouldn't have been much use!

So, instead of ramming my blog with 70595859 pictures of littlebum and I (which sometimes is a bit bleurgh!) I somehow tried to make this, if you can call it, a video! I spent about 2 hours finding the right song.. and I'm still not happy with this! But I gave up! If you get sick easily, I advise not to watch!

And however old littlebum and I may act, we realised we're not really city break people with all this walking.. So next holiday.. somewhere hot, with a FAT deckchair, and a waiter.

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