One Hundred and Thirty One

Trilby: H&M Kids. Blouse: Internacionale. Lace top: Topshop.

I've always been a hat kinda person, and thankfully I can pull them off (So I'd like to hope anyway!) However I've always stuck to beanies and berets. So today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased a trilby. Actually my wonderful Mama Mcfred did! I saw one in H&M in the adults section, but didn't really feel I'd wear it enough for £12. So on the way out, when I spotted this beaut, I couldn't grumble at £4.99! And being a happy shopper that I was, I popped it on straight away! It has a cute little bow, and a few sparkles.. which is always a winner! My dad kept laughing though.

Such a busy weekendo, I managed to be a full on grown up and make my way to London alone, AND get home! Although, on the train home I was too busy stressing that I'd miss X factor that actually realising if I was on the right train or not! It was so lovely to see two of my season friends, catching up, shopping (obviously!) and eating plenty of food and drinking plenty of coffee! Then pretty much the same today with my lovely Mama Mcfred and Papa G. They also brought us a super advent calender, which is currently staring right at me... Chocolate would be quite nice right about now!

So now, its time for me to snuggle down into bed with my favourite mug full of marshmallows, cream, oh and a bit of hot chocolate, littlebum and a film to put me to sleep. Ready for my big day tomorrow. I am literally so nervous. I completely OVER worry. So much so, that I went and bought a ready made lunch because I didn't want to rock in on my first day with my Hello Kitty lunchbox! IMAGINE what they'd think of me if it fell out of my handbag first thing in the morning.. They'd pretend they didn't know who I was!

On a sad note, I went to put on my FAVOURITE (after this jumper) knit today, and LO and BEHOLD, it was ruined. Literally. FIVE holes in the arm. And it was that stretched, littlebum and I could have gotten in it together! I couldn't believe it. Mama Mcfred laughed so much (tears in her eyes!) and all I could do was laugh and say "oh my". However, I know if I was alone I would have sat crying into it for hours. So, yes, basically, long live the red knit. God damn you washing machine.

I hope you all had a perfect weekend, and oohed and aahed at the fireworks (god I HATE when people do that!), had a slobby sunday and ate more food than you should have! That's what I'm about to do.

One Hundred and Thirty Two

One Hundred and Thirty