One Hundred and Forty Four

Knit: Vintage. Shorts: TKMaxx. Boots: Vintage. Blouse: Topshop. Elasticband Bracelet: Handmade.

I'd like to declare that this is my audition for a new L'Oreal advert, but unfortunately it's just myself thinking I am cool...

I'm not even sure I like this get up, I know for a fact I don't really have much love for the shorts. But that's not there fault, it's my backside's fault.. So we tend to let that one slide. I just have to apologise for anyone walking behind me! I also decided that because there was a little bit of sun, and it wasn't as windy as normal, that it was totally acceptable to wear the short sleeved knit. BAD MOVE. I was cold.. But at least I got to sit indoors most of the day! 

I cannot believe it's 1st December tomorrow, which also means that it's my birthday next week. It's so mental,  and I'm off to Paris (have I mentioned that before?!) which will be ever so lovely, and will involve in me being nice to littlebum for a few days! I am excited of course, but I don't feel like it's my birthday. Nor do I feel Christmassy.. Please don't call me a scrooge, I love Christmas. But for four years now, I haven't celebrated it due to being abroad and working, so as much as I cannot wait to actually spend it with my family and do absolutely nothing (except eat of course! - NOT Christmas dinner!!) it just feels ever so weird. I feel like I should be away, getting on a bus to take me some place full of mountains and snow.

Do I miss it? Of course, it was always the chance to meet new people, ride the pow (snowboard for the uncool ones!) and go to work so hungover you spent your day puking whilst 'supervising' those needing your supervision (nice wording!). BUT thankfully, I do not feel the need to pack my belongings and jet off! My time came to an end.. And I joined the real world, of walking to work every morning in heels and falling over once every two days. 

This is how my life is going to be now isn't it?

PeeEss.. Please note, littlebum wasn't harmed in the making of this, nor is he ever. I am also not a cold hard horrible bitch lady, I am infact nice, but it means I actually have to be REALLY nice for once. He'll LOVE it.

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