One Hundred and Twenty Six

Knit: Charity Shop. Maxi Skirt: River Island.

I feel like I'm a bride in this maxi skirt. Obviously because I am strange like that and don't feel like a normal person. However I love it! Although, I kinda regret putting it with this knit. I think the two colours work well together, but I should have teamed it with a tight top. Oh well, baggy mean's I can eat more right? I can't wait to wear this again.. Hurry up Paris please so I can pretend I am Blair Waldorf. And on that note, hurry up payday please. It's been weeeeeeks since I've brought anything new. Surely I'm allowed to treat myself for being good.. with a pretty dress? And maybe this cute blouse?

So yesterday I went to Freeze fest. And if you follow me on twitter you will know that I lost my FREE tickets. Yep. I literally threw the flat upside down, and went through ALL the bins twice. Piece by piece. It was gross. After searching for 7000 hours, and littlebum helping, we had no luck. I knew i'd binned them. I was genuinly SO gutted. I cried (way more than needed!) and then littlebum offered to buy me a ticket. SCORE! However, upon Saturday morning I broke the printer, so couldn't print my ticket! I wasn't destined to go! Luckily a friend printed them out in his office for us. And we set off.. PHEW!

Thankfully the train didn't break down, nor did I hurt myself. Nonetheless I got wasted in my Kigu (and got angry everytime some said 'LOOK AT THE PENGUINS!'), ate wayyy to much chips, cheese and gravy, and danced more than I've ever done! 

The Streets were headlining, as it was their last ever gig! Sad times. They were awesome live though, although pretty hard to dance to! Yeah. Imagine dancing to 'dry your eyes'... It isn't easy! YET it was the best live song EVER!

I am now curled up on the sofa (as per usual on a Sunday) with the duvet keeping me toasty. And my belly satisfied from a yummy McDonalds breakfast. This definitely excited me, that for once I was up in time for it. So I raced out the house, without a bra on. And just in my slippers. Oh and a top and leggings of course. I was SO excited! But I know within 20 minutes I'll be hungry. As always. Also need to catch up on The X Factor... BT vision is trying to charge me £1.10 to watch it. I think I'll just wait yeah... And get excited for brand new MISFITS!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend whatever you did you Halloween crazy cats! 

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