One Hundred and Fifteen

Top: Primark. Knee High Socks: Miss Selfridges.

Knee high socks. Remind me of school days. Unfortunately not my school days, but the one's you see on the TV (and by the looks of it, the kid's in this city!) I'm still undecided what I make of them.. I mean, once getting over the constant pulling them up, or making sure they're at that right kinda height, then you're good to go. So what it is it that I'm so unsure of? Part of the problem is that I don't really have what you cool long thin legs that go on forever. Nope. I have those short legs, that are stumpy at the top. I am 'blessed' with thighs. BIG thighs. And with these big thighs, I get that look, you know the one I mean? Of tight sock. Where it makes your skin hang over the top. So you have muffin leg. Not.a.good.look.

So why am I wearing these right now I hear you say? Well, funnily enough, I feel as nice as pie walking around the house to do the dishes and hoovering in (that's SUCH a lie, I very rarely hoover!) but I guess that's cause not everyone can see the 'hangover' skin. I know, I know... A photo right? All I can say, is thank goodness for good camera angles! And anyway, the only person who's unfortunate to see me like this.. is obviously the boyfriend. But it's OK, he's seen far worse things than a bit of excess skin! 

And I doubt he'll be complaining that a lookalike school girl is washing his dishes...!

One Hundred and Sixteen

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