Eighty Five

Dress: Boutique. Blazer: Nikka. Boots: Primark.

So for the past two days my lovely Mama Mcfred came to visit. The weather was lovely, so we pottered around the town doing a spot of shopping. I say spot, I meant LOTS! Strolled to the park and had a nice coffee by the lake. Drank many coffee's and latte's. Ate some gorgeous food, and had a wonderful time. And then finished it all off, with dinner at the BF's restuarant! Yum.

It was so nice for her to come and visit me, especially after I had been feeling a little lonely in a new town and what not. And it was even better that the sun managed to shine! Although, after just recently buying my new blazer, I didn't want to take it off! I've been after one for absolutely AGES, but they never looked right on my short frame.. and then I fell in love. To be fair, it was all thanks to mother for picking it out as by this point I was ready for home! Always the way!

I also picked up a gorgeous faux fur coat which I promised myself for Paris. And with Primark getting better (occasionally) I just couldn't resist. Along with this ever so cosy knit jumper!

Faux fur coat & Knit jumper: Primark.

And so now, the mother has left. I am currently curled up on the sofa in my knit jumper, ugg slippers, and my pants on show to the wonderful people walking past my window!

I'm also about to experiment with these amazing cupcake moulds that I've just purchased. They are shaped like a china cup and saucer! I CANNOT wait!

Plus i'm trying to stay away from internet shopping, as we're off for a few days in LDN in two weeks! Although, I did just buy a cute floral cape this morning from Japan! Let's hope it fits!

I've also realised that I too, have TOO many dresses. So over the weekend, I plan to take a picture in every.single.one and show you the amount I actually have! Get your yawns ready!

Time to go watch KUWTK.. It's been a week without my fix!

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