This Time Last Year

This time last year, seemed a completely different world to what I'm living right now.My biggest worries last year were 'how the hell am I gonna get out of this place early?'This years worries are more'I hope my rent moneys gone out'You see.. Back then, I was trying to escape my seasonnaire life. Get out of the mountains, go home to normality.But funnily enough, now I'm home and 'free'.. I kinda miss it!Especially THAT summer season.Because I completely took advantage of it.And I haven't realised until now, just how amazing it was.Let me fill in:I was part of a little bubble.A bubble in the Swiss Alps.With 4 friends.All girls.And possibly not the best clothing attire.You see, I'd kinda been forced into this.By forced I mean easily persuaded.Not pinned down.And kidnapped. I'd like to pretend I had.But no I had chose this myself.Because I was all like"Wow this is gonna be epic! Blahblahblah". And it was.Even if it has taken me till now to realise this.

Days would go by, where I'd wished I could have popped the bubble and left.But we were so far from EVERYTHING!Or so it seemed!Me and my roommate had even written a countdown sheet after being there for 3 weeks or so.I felt like it was the worst decision of my life to have gone there.Although, we did have good days off, fun working days and beautiful scenery.. I just didn't appreciate it.BUT THEN, on being home, I realise I definitely made the right decision to stay!I look back at all our photos and laugh. And smile.And think how fun it actually was.I mean for starters, the view was incredible! Waking up every morning to see the fresh mountains with a sprinkling of snow covering the tops. It was like an ice cream! The pure air, and the clean town with the ever so polite people (bar the shush police!!).You don't exactly get that back in the UK! Everything was so perfect.Our accomodation was possibly the best I've ever stayed in throughout my season years! With space for another 3 beds in our room!And how can I forget our Jew pillowcases!With the huge balcony, where after a hard days work we could strip off and catch some rays - even if we only lasted a few hours! I think it was more secretly keeping our eye out for the shop to reopen!!So very true.It was all we did on our days off.I think one day went like this:Wake.    Shop.    Dvd.    Sleep.    Shop.    Sleep.    Dvd.    Shop.    Sleep.The amazing days off we would have. Monster scootering especially! An incredible opportunity! Partly a little scary and not a great feeling for your bingo wings, but such a buzz! Plus we looked top dog in our helmets!Another day off at the water park.. That could only be described as something from an 80's summer camp film!Considering we'd been told this was 'the place to go'.. It didn't really seem happening! On arrival, we were welcomed with a 60+ years aqua aerobics session! Would have been fun, but didn't fancy the perculiar green looking pool!However, this first impression aside, we had a fantastic time on the slides.. Drowning in the current wave pool and jumping off rocks that felt as high as the sky!I cannot forget some incredible nights out.. Dressed from geeks, to beach babes.And not forgetting our spice girls moment! Actually felt like the real deal!!

There are so many amazing memories that I just am so grateful for, and I wish I had realised this at the time!Along with all the tantrums, tears, arguments and bad days, there was also a lot of love, laughter, fun, drunk times and good times. I will never forget these.I spent 3 months in the most beautiful resort I have ever seen, with 4 incredible people, who I have grown to love and respect very much.They made my Summer, and they made those memories that I'll never forget.And looking back now, would I do it all again?Probably not!Girls.. Can you really handle another family asking you.. "But what am I supposed to do with my kids for the hour you're off?"Song of the Moment: A favourite song, from the Summer, that was constantly on repeat and full of many stories! Although a little depressing.. It was totally the tune to belt out! Except when Belfo sang..!

Love foreverKfedland x

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