Seventy Two

Today, I spent the day at Thorpe Park.I absolutely LOVE rollercoasters.Well I still do, but i'm not sure my stomach does anymore!And the hardest part of the morning?Was thinking about WHAT to wear!Especially, considering I pretty much only own dresses..And didn't think the people in the park will want to see my pants ALL day!So. I opted for my new shorts.I had been after a pair like these for AAGES.But none seemed to make my ass look nice.And small.And I know that's tricky.

Blouse: Vintage. Shorts: Primark. Shoes: Deichmen.

Anyway, after being squished in a car with FOUR. VERY. BIG and SWEATY men.

Not by choice.

We got to Thorpe Park.

I knew they must have thought.

"Oh brilliant. A girl. She's gonna be a wimp".

I'm totally not.

Apart from the water slides.. only because of the fringe.

I've come to realise that with my fringe left au natural.. I look like NICK GRIMSHAW!

Fit for him.

Ugly for me.

So, I put on my sweet baby face and said to Matt. 

Ok, forced him.

To take off his shirt.

It made a LOVELY hat.

I had an awesome day, until I ate.

KFC. A big fan. Only for the corn on the cobs.

Until Matt told me that popcorn chicken was a chicken's testicle.

And OBVIOUSLY I believed him.

Before leaving, we decided we'd go on Saw.


I HATE Saw. The film.

I am SHIT scared of the face.

Full stop.

And anyway, the ride looked amazing. It was outside. So I thought I wouldn't see the face.


Whilst queuing there were 'live actors'.

And out of nowhere, this freaky man, just put his face right INFRONT of my face.

IT was NOT cool.

So this freaked me out. Got onto the ride.

And I don't know what freaked me out more, the face I had just seen, or the GAZILLIONS of turns on the ride.

I had put my seat WAY to tight aswell.

And I screamed.

I don't normally scream.

And to make it worse?

I had been filmed the WHOLE way round!

I think i'm getting to old for rollercoasters. I love them. But I just don't think my body can take it anymore.

So I literally, hobbled home. And now i'm curled up on the sofa.

With my new cupcake box (sad right).

And a HUGE cuppa tea.

And you know what?

THIS is what I should be doing nowadays.

Now, where did I leave my knitting book?

Love forever,

Kfedland x

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