I feel like a granny

Today I have felt like such an old lady!
I also think that I’m kinda like Benjamin Button.. And since I was little, I’ve always been a sleepy one.
And maybe when I’m older I shall be really HIP.
And trendy.
And party till the sun comes up!
Or maybe not.
Maybe I’ve just aged ridiculously fast!

The weather isn’t really a friend of mine today.. Or anyday for that matter!
I had to pull out the big chunky knit for work because I was EXTREMELY cold.
And still sleepy!
Little N did ask me why I was wearing a coat today, in the Summer time.
Good question N!
I. Really. Don’t. Know!

Chunky knit: Joe Brown. Top: New look. 

So, then tonight, I wrapped up warm for a few drinks with my friends!
In a forever 21 dress that I haven’t worn for ages!
Possibly my birthday in Tignes.
Last year.
Wait I ended up out for an hour!
ANYWAY, I LOVE this dress.

Tonight I ended up heading out to join people on results night.
I don’t really know why, considering I don’t know anyone in education still.
School education.
Anyway, the queue was so crazy busy.
And this girl kept pushing into me.
And I hate people in my space.
I was totally freaking out.
Like such an old bag.
Partly because they were ALL towering over me.
And looking down at me, thinking:
“She aint got any chance of getting in.. she looks about 16!”
And then this other girl got in front of me.
And I swear she had forgotten her trousers!
She was pretty naked.
This definitely makes me feel like a granny.

I also had ONE cider tonight,
And I was stumbling home.
Ranting away.
Then I got carried to bed.
As though my legs wouldn’t work.
Why does this happen?

However, my achievement today is a good story.
Possibly quite immature.
And not in the slightest an achievement!
So. My next door car parking neighbour ALWAYS parks so close to me.
That I struggle to get in the door.
Partly the ass problem too.
But mostly the lack of space.
And so today, I spent a good 15 minutes reversing into my spot.
The 15 minutes isn’t an exageration.
Nor does this make me a shit driver.
Its just the parking spaces are very tight to get in and out of!
So. Literally once I had finally reversed… Very carefully not hitting his car.
Although. Tempted.
I was VERY pleased with this parking!
He, on the other hand isn’t going to be.
I mega want to NOT move my car all weekend now.. because it was SUCH an effort and I cannot wait to see his face.
BUT I really don’t fancy walking to work.
So looks like I’ve kinda lost a battle against myself already.
This seems to happen regularly lately.

And for anyone who’s even remotely interested..
I’m not the only one with ‘decision making‘ problems!
Grazia magazine actually had a feature titled..
‘Generation Undecided’!
I TOTALLY fall underthis.
So what’s the next stage?
I don’t know.

Can anyone help me decide it?

Love forever,
Kfedland x