Healthy Eating

I have decided that as of NOW I am eating healthy.
Ok I decided this at the weekend.
And so far.
So good!

It got to a point where I was LITERALLY eating food ALL the time.
And when I wasn’t eating.
I was thinking about eating.

Bad times.
So this weekend, I’ve stuck to smoothies for breakfast.
A GREAT way, although noisy!

I like to add some:
And any juice I can find!

Then for lunch I decided I would have a nice fruit selection….

Whilst I was peeling the oranges.. I’ve always been told that if you peel it in one go it’s good luck.

And you should make a wish.

And it will come true.

Bad luck for me then right…?

I’m doing pretty well.. exercising too.

Shopping does count right?

And I did still sneak a chocolate bar in.

I HAD to, If i’m cutting out like FOUR then i’m totally allowed one.

So I tell myself.

Love forever,

Kfedland x