Playing Tennis

Today, I was asked if I could play tennis.
When I said NO, I thought this would be the end of the conversation.
It was just the beginning…
I was asked by my new friend Christina
I like to call her Queen C
Like Beyonce
Because she thinks she is her.
That’s ok, I can still be Shakira.
Anyway, Christina decided for both of us (she had to.. I’m TERRIBLE with decisions!) that we would start playing at the park!
Funny right?
I hope she realises I can’t even bat a ball.
And does she realise how much of a wimp I am?
I’m gonna have to buy elbow pads.
Knee pads.
Face guard.
And of course, a racket.
I agreed, on one thing..
That I’m allowed a ribbon on it.
And stickers.
Because obviously I’m a mature 22 year old.

You see. Yes I will be learning to play.
But you never know, maybe I’ll be the next Serena Williams?
She IS a tennis player right?

Best get my tighty whiteys out.
And most certainly a headband.
I can’t wait.

Love forever,
Kfedland x

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