Outbursts Part 2

It happened again..Dancing again like I think I'm someone important.This time in the kitchen.I was waiting for my toast.And I started singing.And then all of a sudden, before I knew it, I was dancing.Again.Second time today.Now I mean, I can't seem to work out why this happens..? Sometimes I wonder if I realize i'm actually doing it! Funnily enough, I would love to be on stage. I certainly can't sing as good as Rachel Berry or dance as awesome as, well anyone from dance videos. But I just LOVE it.It must have started back when I was a little girl (probably when I LOOKED like a little girl, but was actually about 11!) and I got the part as a rat (YES A RAT) in the 'Pied Piper of Hamlet'. Man I loved it!The buzz on the stage, learning all the new choreography, and keeping in time with the tunes, learning lines and hoping your singing voice wouldn't change tune to everyone else!Obviously this is some crazy dream, but how fantastic would it be to be part of a West End musical?!I always said this when I watched the Lion King. Although, no chance of being part of their cast.I'm white.It's true.I know I look a little Indian (leave the jokes out thanks!), but still wouldn't be enough!I guess what i'm trying to say.. Is that a girl can only dream.And, as for me.I'll just have to stick to these outbursts of dance and song wherever it hits me!Love forever,Kfedland x

Moving Day