Hip Hip Hooray

So this is what I achieved in my day today...I realised that underneath all that 'clutter' was an actual carpet. A CARPET!! That was also big enough for myself to hide in too!Amazing.


Finally, I managed to box up LITERALLY all my life today. And although its done, I have nothing in my room to look at/touch or play with (not that I have toys anymore..?!)It's slowly hitting me that I'm off.. to the real world, dealing with bills, council tax (Laura!!) and budget food shopping! I remember the day's when they seemed so far away, and the scariest thing to happen was finishing my GCSE's and worrying what to study for A Levels! How easy that would all be, to still be back then.But, THEN, I wouldn't be packing up ready for this exciting adventure that is in store for me...!Seeing my boyfriend e v e r y s i n g l e d a y!   (I love you really!)Washing the dishes.. and not making excuses!Cleaning the toilet (In fairness, I do enjoy this!)Gardening!So maybe, we'll leave the last one out of that!Today, my beautiful friend Laura came over, and I've only just realised how much she thanks you for literally EVERYTHING you do! As she was leaving my house, it went something like this:"Thank you for letting me come over""Thank you for my book and card""Thanks for making me a cup of tea""Thank you for having me at yours""Thank you for letting me sit on your bed""Thank you for being my friend"And my responses would have been something like this..."Of course you're allowed over. I'm not a vampire""It's called a gift""It's often polite to offer drinks to guests""Not a problem, saved me walking to yours anyway...!""To be honest, there was nowhere else to sit!""Standard"Ok, so the last two she didn't say.. but it wouldn't SURPRISE me,if they had come out of her mouth!However, I love this lady to bits.. and her oh so kind words, and her constant thank you's are truly wonderful :-) BUT on occasion's.. she has this tendency to act like a child when she can't understand something!Take Blogger for example, helping her set one up.. telling her about it ALL, and at the end of about an hour tutorial she says.. "I just don't get it one bit. I don't want to do it anymore".Reminds me of the time we baked cakes... I don't even suggest baking again!But obviously, I love her millions.. and you should check out her Blog too - Life As I Know It..Mama Mcfred was losing it a little today!

Seriously.Bless her.First we got a new washing machine, and in she bounces from work.. all:"Ooh, well would you look at it""Pass me something to wash"And honestly, I've never seen someone so excited (Ok I have. But you get me.) It then made me think to myself.. Is this going to be ME in a few months when I get a new Kettle or fridge?!I bet so.I'm easily amused!So, after this little excitement had calmed down, we headed into town to spend MORE money on MORE things for the house.. "Oh but I neeeeeeeed this nice handwash for the bathroom..!" (I'm sure it WASN'T important, I just buy because I can!). We ended up in Sainsburys, and brought a new tray (fancy!), and at the till Mama Mcfred was searching and searching for her car keys!In that absolutely HUGE bag of her's.YES MASSIVE.I swear, Mary Poppins would have a run for her money if she saw this one!Honestly.But anyway, no luck with the keys. So we walked back to where we picked up the tray (again, delightful). and lo and behold, or in the words of Little Grandad, would you Adam and Eve it!:There they were.On the floor.Just chilling there.Without a care in the world.Obviously key's cant move.. but I bet if they could, they would.If I was a key, i'd well do a runner!I then decided, that this day forward.. she has started to lose it slightly. And she must only purchase handbag's where she can locate everything from in under 10 seconds!And so today, my blog has been about other people.. which has been NICE! As always too, a lotta love for everyone out there. From my lovely ladies back at home, to my family all over the place (enjoy Japan bro!), and the beautiful Escale girls, and of course, the Frodo ladies to! And also that wonderful boyfriend of mine, who get's to see me every single day as of Saturday.. for.the.rest.of.his.life!And everyone else too!And now i'm done!I am now off to try and occupy myself. It will either involve one or two of the following.Facebook (I tell myself I need to make the most of it when I'm internetless)Eating. I'm sure I'll eat the new washing machine if I want to.Colouring. I find bit's of paper.. and will colour it in.Youtube. Pretty much anything I can find fairly amusing.Replay Gossip Girl. Or Californication. Or Hellcats. Or Glee.But to be honest, I will probably lie on my bed, and stare at the floor as I seem to find myself doing lately!Song of the moment: I'll leave you with a song by Laura Marling, that I always love to listen to come rain or shine. Absolutely beautiful lyrics and an amazing voice to! Enjoy.

Love forever,Kfedland x

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