Box After Box

My room, currently looks a cross between a Jumble Sale, and a Burglary.

I have spent the past 463846834 hours (Ok, so I make it approximately with 7 hours), packing, and it still appears to be the same as BEFORE I started! Potentially, a little messier!

Throw into those 7 hours:

Endless cups of tea,


Playlist on repeat 3times!

Short breaks which occurred every 20 minutes.

And a curry to end the day!

AND I still cant say I have successfully packed up everything.


I cannot believe how much stuff I have, I genuinely thought I had about 3 boxes full.. yeah add another 10 to this.. and this is how much I have (I haven't even begun to include the bin bags/paper bags and suitcases).

Tonight, however.. has been a hilarious chat of distant memories, that seem so far away, and yet, one's that will never be forgotten.

It then filtered right back, to the days of Myspace..

Now, I for one, was definitely a Myspace ADDICT!

How different everything is now.. And oh so funny to laugh at how ridiculous everything was back then.

"I'll keep this photo up.. because it already has 45 comments"

"Best change my friends round.. make it a top 12"

"Ooh a quiz on the bulletins. CLICK"

My favourite being...

"It's been two days, I need to change my profile"

Maybe, it was the days of being so young and naive, or the fact it generally was cooler back then... but honestly, Myspace was an incredible thing. Although, I think, people judged you a lot more back then based on looks and first impressions. Whereas nowadays, you're just respected for who you are.

I don't even know why i'm talking about Myspace.

Maybe because i've definitely had a Bulmers.


We know what this does to me.

And i've had to resort to sleeping in the spare room, because my room is beyond walking ability.

Am I drunk?


Honestly, for once. I'm NOT.

Anyway, update on the other stuff.. getting the keys on Saturday which excites me a lot.


A lot.

I am finally a grown up.

And also, just literally waiting for the landlord's authority.. and if the ever so nice man says yes, then we can get a kitten.

A little grey one.

Which makes me incredibly happy.

We already have a name in mind..  Obviously relating to Californication. How could we NOT?!

So definitely have my fingers,

and toes,

and eyes,

and knees CROSSED!

Song of the moment: This has been repeated on my Ipodge for majority of the day, in the hope to get me packing.. but in REALITY, I've actually been distracted to just dance to this. Oops.


Love forever,

Kfedland x


Windy Wendy