• About me

    You should probably know that I really like cheese. Like really like cheese.
    I like halloumi. And camembert.
    And feta. And mozzarella. And cheddar.
    And cheesy chat up lines.
    I'm joking about the last bit....
    I also like writing things, which is why I have this little page. To write down my thoughts.
    And share my pictures of my cat.
    Because I also really like cats.
    My cat in particular. His name is Runkle and he’s a fun cat.
    I like to buy myself fresh flowers, and I also like eating corn on the cob.
    Most of the time I’m always running late, even if I’m not running late, I’m running late.
    And I really like being around people.
    I always want people in my house. For dinner. For a sleepover. For a chat. For a chillout.
    Anyone is welcome.
    And you know something else, I’m actually a really nice person.
    So I’ve been told…