Hey It's OK...

Hey it's OK...

If your underwear drawer is the most organised thing in your life. Those lacy knickers are high maintenance and need space dontcha know?!

To laugh when you can't sleep. Even if the other half is really trying to get to sleep.

When you watch the same Youtube video over and over again. And laugh just as much as the first time.

To stop and think about the fact that your super hot boyfriend actually fancies you back, and then proceed to well up. Because it's real. And you're feeling all the feels.

When you wear your new jacket all day every day for a month. Inside and outside. Because, fashion!

When you eat the whole chocolate bar. That was for two people. Like, whatever.

To not question something for once. Yeah that one can of pop rule a day? If you wanna break it one day you can. You're a full grown adult now so make your own rules.

If you forgot to reply to your girls on WhatsApp, because you'd replied in your head. The thought was there.

To admit that you're exhausted and that you need a few days relaxing. We all get tired even if we chose that job knowing the hours and commute - we're only human!

If you laugh and a little bit of wee comes out.

When you choose your weekly songs wisely, because they make you REALLY feel like you're in a music video when you're staring aimlessly out of that train window.

To cry happy tears. At like everything you see and hear. Happy tears are good.

To tell people that life is good, because it really genuinely is, even if your brain thinks that people will question the honesty in it. Everyone is different. And that's OK too.

"If it's meant to be, it will be."

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