Five Happy Things

I think it's fair to say that life has gotten a little in the way, and well Little Winter had taken a back seat. What was I doing, I ask myself? Well, I guess, just living. Working my way through my full diary, seeing friends, visiting people, celebrations and just being. But I'm totally fine with that. I like living life (well duh!), and it's pretty darn good right about now.
So I'm keeping this simple, and sharing five happy things about this week so far.

Rice Pudding. I craved it last night, so I threw on my parka and headed in search of tinned rice pudding. I came home and warmed it up, and sprinkled on some nutmeg. I then took it to bed and curled up under the covers tucking into this warm bowl of goodness. I want it again already,

Weddings! When one of your oldest school friends gets married in the most intimate of settings. And they ask you to be one of their witnesses, and you may shake, and you may wobble and you may cry. But days like those are incredibly precious. And oh so lovely.

Believing in yourself. Quite simply, I realised that if we believe in ourselves, others will. And actually, it can open many new opportunities. Exciting ones at that too!

Sunday evenings with company. Sunday's are becoming a favourite when said favourite companion is around too. A bowl of pitta with dips and cheese, and some TV series on repeat with laughter (and maybe wine if there's no hangover...) is how I like to round up the weekend.

Runkle's face. I'm not quite sure why or how, but his face. It's just gotten cuter in the last few weeks, and when he comes to bed and curls up right next to me with his little look, I can never ever resist.

"Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness"

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