Firstly, we need to talk about all the cute in this photo. I mean, he may have those little beady eyes on me at 4am when he wants to sit on the back of my neck, and wonder why I'm not playing with him (I like to think though he's just checking I'm still alive..), BUT it's too cute to ignore even if the alarm isn't due to go off for another two hours...
I think there's now battle of the best breakfasts these days. What once was my speciality of potato waffles and avocado now has competition against 'The Super Breakfast'. I mean, it is very tasty and gives me heaps of energy but can it beat my waffle one? That i'm still debating. Although when it's brought to you in bed, then I guess actually, it's winning...
I sometimes travel with work (sadly it's not the glamorous kind) and when the sun is shining and the Yorkshire Dales are on the cards then I really don't complain. And it's become routine to stop in the Dales and check out a different view each time. Accompanying the trip with an awesome colleague, lots of frappes and the perfect driving soundtrack - I think I can get used to this.
I've been a little quiet this week on the diary front, so I've taken some time out for myself. I had a long hot bath one night, with the soft sounds of Ruth B in the background and only my thoughts for company. I had a night where I tidied up my clothes, and decided what I want to wear for holiday. And I had a night where I took myself to bed at 8pm, because I could. It was actually bliss.
Last weekend we took a trip to visit the Sassy Peas in Bournemouth, with the men too and had such a wonderful weekend. It was full of cider and cocktails, enough food to feed the world and more laughter than you can imagine. Time with these two awesome creatures, and their equally awesome other halves (and y'know #Timstagram) is how I love spending my spare time. Especially when your stomach hurts from laughing. At pointless things too.
This little things makes me chuckle more than normal. It seems that any space he can crawl into, he will. And just like any other cat, he loves his carrier bags! On this occasion, he refused to leave it and ended up asleep inside for nearly two hours... Even when I decided it was time for my bed, and shimmied him out of it, before putting the bag on the floor, did I receive a look of disgust from him. Before he took himself onto the floor, and back into the bag...
But you know what, I wouldn't have him and his perculiar mind, any other way.
The light is creeping through the windows early in the morning and the smell of warm fresh air begins to hit you. The supermarket shelves are full of BBQ food and holiday shop essentials, the suitcases are down from the loft and the hayfever has come out in full force.
That's when you know Summer is here. I like Summer.

I like that you can spend your afternoon drinking cider, whether it's in a local park or you've taken a drive and stopped somewhere with a view. I like you can drink fruity cider at music festivals, and you can head to the pub after work for a cheeky cider.

I like the smell of freshly cut grass in the Summer.

I like that I can wear my leather jacket most evenings. It's my trusty friend when my shoulders get chilly on a shady afternoon, or a mild evening.

I like the bright mornings, when the sun is shining through the curtains waking you up earlier than you'd like. And I like that the evenings stay light until almost bedtime, and you feel a sense of calm as you crawl under the covers some days when the light is still bright.

I like that you can eat all the watermelon. All the time.

I like driving down the country lanes, with the windows down (us folk who don't have air con over here..), the chilled music playing through the speakers and the views of fields, covered in Sunflowers, and green grass.

I also like the daisies in the garden. I like making daisy chains.

I like that Pimms becomes the favourite drink, and the fridge is always full of cucumber and mint and strawberries. And that Pimms somehow tastes so, so much nicer in the sunshine.

I like that I can have my legs bare, and simply slip on a sundress. With a pair of sandals. And you feel free, and fresh.

I like the British seaside in the Summer, and the ice cream stalls standing in all their glory as they present all the various flavours making it their time to make people happy.

I like how happy the Summer can make people. Relaxed, and healthier.

I like a pub garden.

I also like making iced coffee in the morning. With a squirt of caramel sauce.

And best of all, I  like that smell when you're walking home from a BBQ, and you can smell other BBQ's, the warmth in the air, the content feeling inside, and just quite simply, the smell of Summer.
That's my favourite one.
The sun is shining, the vest has been put back into the drawer until September, and the pub gardens seem to be filling up - and the best bit is that everyone seems to be positive and happy. It's funny how the change in weather can do that to us. But I guess it's true, that the sun does make us happy.
I've been so busy these last few weeks (I say that every time!) that last week I took some chilled time after work, for me. I Spring cleaned my house, I watched some trash TV and I sat about in my knickers because I could. I liked it. But I'm glad that my diary is full again.
And with a full diary, comes a happy face. Here's my five happy things for this week:

Holiday month! I go on holiday at the end of the month, and I can't quite believe it. After talking about this for nearly a year when we got excited, it's crazy that it's actually coming around so soon. I only just bought a bikini after being told that one is simply not enough for eleven days... Roll on the sunshine, and the free drinks, and a very inviting pool with some of my people.

Ciders in the sun. It's officially the time when we can meet for a fruity cider in a beer garden on the weekend. I love nothing more than doing that. Mine's an Elderflower Cider please.

Food Festival. I'm off to Bournemouth for the weekend to see the Sassy Peas for couples times, and the Food Festival is on, so a weekend spent eating all types of food, drinking cider and hanging out with people who make me laugh, is a blissful way. Hurry up 4pm!

Game Of Thrones. About ten years behind, but we've just finished Season 1. We cannot stop watching it, but we've a rule where we can only watch it together, so I think this may take some time...

Fresh Bed Sheets. Is there anything more satisfying and content than getting into some crisp and fresh white bedding sheets? Although it does make it difficult to leave them in the morning. Even if the sun is shining through!

"Surround yourself with those who make you happy."
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