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The week is always started better when little Runkle wakes up to his bow tie. I mean, he didn't exactly dress himself (not quite yet) but I can't help find him a little dapper when he sports it once in a blue moon. I've missed his little face this week with being away a lot this month, so extra cuddles in bed are on the agenda for the next few weeks. I'm not complaining...!
Last month, I ordered a new bed and after a bit of hassle and a bed without fixtures - I've been without one for a month. But you know something? I kinda like it. I mean there's less chance of falling out of it, it doesn't shake when a lorry goes by in the night and Runkle loves that he can slither on and off without having to load himself up. Plus it's become a cosy little spot for the two of us.
Because this has become my new best friend as I mentioned before. And this bottle definitely went down within a few hours. Friday nights spent drinking this, singing to all the decades and eating chilli burritos is how I do it these days. Who wants an invite over next Friday night?
Flowers in the house have been few and far between this month, but with my rule of only being allowed to buy flowers in a supermarket on a Monday still in place, I rebelled and treated myself to a cute bunch at the weekend. And because the place needed some freshening up. And this cute rose? Well I like an unexpected rose that's for sure too..
I am finally on wind down, after finishing my last Trade Show with work this week. My diary doesn't quite stop there with weekends filled up till the end of April, but a few nights a week doing minimal are certainly booked in. And time to chill out, catch up on TV and fall asleep on the sofa is something I'm secretly looking forward to. Actually, give it two evenings and I'll be changing my mind!
Saturday morning breakfasts with a side helping of mini eggs are the way to go. A hot mug of tea, some fresh strawberries and some pretty tasty gluten free pancakes are also a cheeky little highlight. Oh and throw in some Ex On The Beach catch up and that's me out of contact for a few hours. 
I'm just over here if you need me..

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