FatFace in the Winter

I like to think of myself as an outdoors kind of girl, but then that would be questionable considering my lack of appropriate clothing for said outdoors. I mean, I love to spend weekends in the countryside, walking through the woods, exploring new places and pottering around quaint little towns. But the reality is, is that I don't wrap up well. I don't own boots that aren't suede and my coats are thin and more practical for sitting in the car on the way to work.
And that kind of explains why I'm always cold and end up with wet socks on a regular Winter basis...
So I think that when Fat Face contacted me, it seemed like the perfect time considering I was spending a weekend in the countryside only days later. And well, around mama it isn't such an issue, but I didn't want to be a whinge or declare I was cold every five minutes to the girls when we'd plan to explore places. So being a practical little fruit, I opted for a parka and boots, because that's what I needed. And the boots, they weren't suede. Nope, full leather. Wipe clean, perfect heel, enough room for thicker socks AND stylish. I think it's fair to say I knew I'd be winning here...
I told myself that the parka was a wise choice for many reasons... Every wardrobe needs a parka, and a navy parka makes you look a little different to the trusty green colour (OK so I totally debated khaki first...), there is a hood - girls always want hoods to keep their ears warm (and protect freshly washed hair too!), it has an extra lining and it's versatile as it so states on the website so really, it was a no brainer.
And for once, my brain worked wonders, because I felt as warm as the sun (well, a slight exaggeration but similar all the same..) and I became the envy of all the girls that weekend. I almost nearly had to sleep with it in my bed, for fear of it ending up in someone else's hands. No names (ahem Rosie!).
So with that, pass me a National Trust map and my scarf.. I'm ready for another adventure.
Parka: Fat Face* | Jumper: Primark | Jeans: Topshop | Scarf: Primark | Boots: Fat Face*

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