Because, Music #6

This month, my playlist has been fairly quiet. With working away a lot, I don't tend to drive and quite honestly, I've missed my drive to work. I didn't realise just how much that time in the morning, that half hour, I get lost in the music with my thoughts. I mean, some mornings you will catch me belting out the tunes of course. Because, some things just never change..

I have however been adding to the list, and currently listening to the Corn playlist (don't ask - I wanted a new emoji for a playlist, and corn felt appropriate) because it's all the songs I can't stop listening to this year. That really get me lost in the moment. So here's my new selection, that I can't seem to switch off. And yes, I repeat these a lot - A-Z lyrics have nothing on me these days...

Oh Wonder - White Blood
Houses - Big Light
Birdy - Keeping Your Head Up
Seafret - Wildfire
Dawn Golden - All I Want
Aquilo - I Gave It All
Caught A Ghost - Time Go
Oh Wonder - Without You
Nick Mulvey - Fever To The Form
NoNoNo - Pumpin Blood
Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
The Paper Kites - Bloom
Roo Planes - The Original
Ziggy Alberts - Runaway
Little May - Boardwalks

So add this to your bath chill time, or your Sunday morning in bed or even your quiet evening accompanied by friends, and pour yourself a glass of wine as you enjoy these absolutely beautiful songs. I know I sure do. I think I need another bottle of wine opened now...

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