My favourite brunch

It's a Sunday morning, and Angus & Julia Stone are playing on the speakers, the light is working its way in through the windows, the kettle is boiling in the kitchen and you realise that the world is your oyster today. That's why I like Sundays.
But I like Sunday's even more for the great breakfasts, that have become known in my little home. I say breakfasts as though I whip up some new concoxtion every weekend but fact is this:
I just like eating waffles.
Every Sunday that I'm home.

Now we're not talking waffles as in pancake waffles. Nope, we're talking potato waffles. Because, Gluten Free, 10 minutes in the oven, delicious square bites. AND easy. That's why.
And any excuse to eat avocado and halloumi too.
Because, quite honestly once you have tried this, you will agree that although the inital thought of it together sounds maybe, perculiar, it really is a party in your mouth. And everybody likes a party in their mouth on a weekend when they've been drinking or fancy a big breakfast for a day of adventure. So I call this, The Katy Mitten Waffle breakfast.
And yes, I totally just called it after me.

Potato Waffles (I've tried various, but Birdseye never let me down here!)
1 Avocado
1 Packet of Halloumi
Bacon (This is optional - sometimes I like some cheeky bacon!)

So this isn't quite a recipe because it's a basically cook this, and cut that. BUT, pop your waffles in the oven to cook for roughly 10 - 12 minutes, and whilst they're crisping up nicely, cut your avocado in your preferred way. I chop and change depending on how well I've cut said avocado.. Some days I do slices, and other days I mash it all up.
Once your waffles are nearly cooked (and have been turned over, because we want both crispy sides!) heat up a frying pan, and fry off your halloumi with a sprinkle of garlic salt for added extra YUM!
When your waffles are cooked, pop some avocado on top, with your fried halloumi and drizzle a nice serving of Tzatziki, finished off with some salt and pepper.
Serve alongside a mug of warm tea, and some orange juice.
Verdict: Now, obviously I'm going to shout from the rooftops about it (hello, I even declared it a Katy Mitten recipe?!) because it really is the ultimate weekend breakfast. And there is never any better time to add halloumi to your breakfast than this combination. I also love having huge servings of the tzatziki.
So go on, why not take fifteen minutes out, and whip up this quick, tasty and all round delightful breakfast. And if you're feeling extra wild.. You can eat it back in bed!

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