Because, Music #5

I've become one of those morning people, the one who shimmy's around the house when they're getting dressed. Stopping in their tracks to perfect a particular dance move, and then continuing on with the mornings activities until the best part comes up.
I've become one of those morning people, because of music.

My playlists have decided to stop being all 'this for driving' and 'that for girls night out' and instead my music is my music that just works perfectly for all kinds of things. And yes, music in the car to the bedroom to the dancefloor? Because, why the hell not!
So I'll keep this short and sweet and let my latest favourite songs do the talking. I'm currently finding these absolute bliss for those dark but not quite so pitch black dark evening drive home..

Oh Wonder - All We Do
St South - Better Still
Frances - When It Comes To Us
Angus & Julia Stone - The Devils Tears
Wet - All The Ways
Tender - Afternoon
Bon Iver - Holoscene
Robby Hecht - Two People
Axel Flovent - Forest Fires
Lewis Watson - Nothing
John Mayer - Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
Johnny Stimson - Holding On
Agnes Obel - Riverside
Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter
Frances - Grow

So turn on your car lights, blast the heating on your feet and get lost into some of the beautiful songs above. Alternatively, play these songs whilst you're pottering around the house and soon enough you'll feel calm, happy or ready to party. Or maybe all three..

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