This is Katy Mitten in January (if a little on the tipsy side).

Katy Mitten is feeling pretty content right now, because she changed her attitude and outlook on life. Katy Mitten stopped worrying so much, she stopped putting so much pressure on herself on what she could and couldn't do and decided that you cannot simply please everyone.
She started to wear fitted dresses, and things that made her feel good, to boost the body that she was given, and she grew her nails and wore lipstick every day, because she could. She had her annual hair cut, and accepted that she was her and took her independence and kindness in her stride - accepting that these things, can be an attractive trait.
Katy Mitten said yes to everything, not from guilt, but because she wanted to and Katy Mitten filled up her diary leaving herself little time to just be. But she enjoyed this, she liked being around people who liked being around her. And Katy Mitten liked making people laugh, and buying her friends presents and flowers and just being a friend like she should. She liked drinking tea in bed with them and asking how their day had been.
And she started doing things for herself, what she wanted to do, because she knew that her own life was about her, and what she wanted from it. And by taking a step back in certain aspects of life, brought good things her way.

Katy Mitten liked this January already.

She also likes drinking wine in the week, accompanied with the soft sounds of Angus & Julia Stone, Oh Wonder and Damien Rice playing through the speakers whilst curling up on the sofa and getting lost in thought with Runkle.
Katy Mitten likes doing all of these things because they make her happy, and they make her realise that those things, the simple things that make her happy, are whats important.
They're what matter.
Doing what she simply enjoys, what gives her warmth in her heart and a friendly smile on her face.

Because that's what life should be like.

"The best things in life are not things."
Runkle has decided that since it's just me and him, he quite likes this set up. Because it means that he gets to decide where he spends the night on the bed. And you can bet your bottom dollar that he finds the middle of the bed the comfiest and most normally the opposite way to this. But as long as he's comfy, then I'll just squeeze in round the side....
Spending an afternoon around Rutland Water with the sun beaming down almost made me forget that it was January, until the cold air settled in at 3pm which brought me back to the start of the year. There is something so peaceful about listening to the sound of water gently hitting against the rocks, and one that I've become fond of in the last year. I like this peaceful time.
Weekend breakfasts are my absolute favourite, and even better when they're cooked by someone else. Considering me and avocado's are pretty close pals, I've never tried it on toast until this weekend. I can confirm that I am even more converted, making avocado and me basically best pals now. Accompanied with Ex On The Beach and endless cups of tea is how you should spend Sunday morning.
I've been a little slack on blogging, emailing and updating social media because January has full on taken over and although I've missed catching up on life with the people I've never met on the internet, but feel stupidly close too, it's been such a nice break to upload as and when I can, all whilst enjoying the hustle and bustle. And February's set to be even more chaos...
Just because I couldn't not include this photo. I mean, that face. It wins me over every single time.
When I used to dance around my bedroom to Destiny's Child and their Independent Woman single, I never really knew the concept of it, and instead just sang, shaking my thing as I did so. What even was an independent woman, I used to ask? Probably something I never thought I'd be... not the girl who never said boo to a goose, confronted friends, or stood up for what I believed was right or even knew how to work a washing machine and storage heater.
And even though now I still wouldn't say boo to a goose, stand up for myself and my thoughts, I suppose now, that is me.
A woman, who lives on her own. Who does her own washing and cleaning (I went to write ironing but there's no point lying here..), and knows that dinner won't be ready cooked upon arriving home. And who buys herself what she wants, when she wants. And does what she wants, when and wherever she wants (within reason of course).
I am an independent woman.

And it's all well and good clicking my fingers as I proudly try to persuade people that I'm sassy and totally a free spirit (I know, I'm still working on it) and inform people that YES, I do walk around the house naked, and yes, sometimes I will have ice cream for dinner. Oh and my fridge? I can fill it with just wine one week if I want to, because I can.
But sometimes, just sometimes living alone isn't all what it's cracked up to be. And you see things in a completely different light...

So here's the truth, about living alone:

The freedom of heading to the supermarket and stocking up your trolley, as you pile in this and that and OOH offers, and decide that actually you want to have lots of chocolate in the fridge, just because. And that wine deal is fantastic, so let's pick up five of those to have in the cupboards.
Until you get home. And realise that nobody is there to help you carry the bags up the mountain like flight of stairs..

Being the only one to take the bins out. Never, fun.

When you decide that eating pesto pasta for two weeks is totally fine, because you have a new dress that needs buying for a night out.

Setting your own rules. "Use the kitchen roll to dry things, it's cleaner. And yes it is expensive, you don't need to remind me. But it's in my budget".

Having to budget for everything. Like everything.

Feeling like an absolute hero when you have to decide for yourself to ignore the spider that is crawling on the ceiling near you. He will disappear, he will. Just stay calm at all times.

When you get the sudden urge for cheese at midnight, and know nobody will tell you otherwise to stay indoors. And so you go. Because you can. But that's only if you're stupid enough to never have cheese in your fridge at all times.....

Automatically telling yourself that someone is going to murder you in your sleep when you hear the faintest of sounds.

Washing your clothes has become such a tricky task. Because there's never quite enough to fill up a load for a dark wash, a white wash or a towel wash, and it's important to keep water levels down. But, those knickers, the nice knickers... I need them, actually, want them. I'll just buy some more instead...

And don't get me started on washing gel and conditioner. WHICH IS WHICH? And why are they jumbled together to confuse people?!

Having an overworked brain 24/7 because there's no-one to vent about work too, or how so and so said this to so and so. Instead, we talk, we talk to the cat.

Being able to dance down the hallway, butt naked and think - actually know, that in the moment, you could give Beyonce a run for her money.

Finding something absolutely hilarious, but having no-one to laugh with and then deciding whether it's a really in-joke, or if you almost look a little bit like a loser now.

When things start to go wrong. The fuse blows, or a lightbulb stops working. And you try your hardest to get by without it. Because, independence first. But, oh but, I really should get that lightbulb changed. *Phones dad*

Wanting sleepovers with friends. ALL THE TIME.

There is always wine in the fridge. Lots of half drank bottles too.

Nobody will judge you for what you do behind closed doors. So if you want to cry because you've ran out of ice cream, or want to sing so loudly to a song that your friends would frown up, or if you even want to cook dinner in the nude, then hell, YOU can. And nobody will look at you in any perculiar way.
Except the cat. But that's a different story...

Oh, and having said cat as your housemate? Yeah, that's the best bit of all!

"Sometimes, you just need a break. In a beautiful place.
 Alone. To figure everything out."
I haven't written my Five Happy Things as much as I used to, because I've been feeling really content so far this year, and I suppose in a way, I wrote those posts to remind myself that everyday there was beauty.
Because there is.
And I think that it really does help when your outlook is changed, which is one of the things I focused on towards the end of last year. I stopped worrying about everything so much, and I just did instead. I just went with the flow, and realise that if I made myself happy, I was happy.
And I am happy. Because there's many reasons to be happy. So, here's five from recently:

Worrying Less. As I mentioned above, I've stopped worrying so much and instead of spending my spare time thinking about how I can always improve, or what I don't really like so much about myself, I just find the good. I just get on with life and make the best of a situation. I've turned my down time into me time, and for me, that's a huge change. I like this outlook.

Overflowing Diary. This pleases me massively. I don't think I have any spare time between now and the middle of March - but I'm OK with that, because plans!

Sunday Mornings. These last few Sundays in 2016 have been utter bliss. I cannot quite explain just how much I love pottering about my place, with Oh Wonder on full volume, the kettle constantly boiling and the sweet smell of potato waffles in the oven. And good company makes it even more of an ideal Sunday morning too.

New Boots. I may or may not have treated myself to a few new pairs of boots. Ankle ones of course, because why would you change something in the first place? And yes, I totally needed the grey pair, because I didn't have any. Oh and the black pair? Well.. They're just completely different from my other 20 black pairs..

Runkle's Face. Coming home from a weekend away, or after a day at work and seeing his little face greet me at the gate with utter excitement to spend the night together. Curled up on the sofa, or wafting his little pink bum in my face under the covers whilst he looks on and purrs with delight. Yep, he's awesome.
Apart from when I caught him leaving next door's house...

"Very little is needed to make a happy life,
it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."
Last weekend, my cousin and I decided on a spontaneous trip down to Brighton. After a wild night before, and a lazier morning than planned, we jumped in the car with the playlist blaring through the speakers and sang all the way down to the seaside. In between eating Percy and Penny Pigs of course...
We hadn't planned to do too much except catch up with my brother and his always excited girlfriend and decided that the best start to a Saturday was lunch at Fil Fil (if there's one place who does the best falafels, it's those guys!). We spent the afternoon pottering around town, taking a cold stroll along the beach and discussing family politics. Just in the fresh seaside air.
 I couldn't resist snapping this cute picture. Because, you know.. Love.
Saturday night, we filled up our glasses with prosecco and celebrated in style with the best Mexican at La Choza. Nights where drunken heart to hearts, corn on the cob, some tequilla shots and awesome company are definitely how to spend a Saturday night. Oh, and watching Take Me Out on catch up with more wine. whilst getting the cutest cat cuddles. That's how to do it.
 On Sunday, after a tumble in the car park (and a cracked phone screen and sore elbow..), we wandered the little streets of Lewes where I decided that I wanted to move here (I'm sure I do that wherever I go!). We whittled away a few hours browsing the endless rows of flea markets and debating every single pointless purchase necessary before heading back to the warmth for tea and carrot cake to wind down for the journey home. I like weekends here.
And of course, it was only right to imitate those two in love..
Except, I don't think we did it quite so romantically with our cheesy grins.
I've never been a practical dresser, and always wonder why I'm either super cold or incredibly toasty. I wear boots in the Summer and brave a bare leg in the Winter. I tend to wear a dress on the days that I should really be wearing jeans for hands on projects at work. And you'll find me reaching for my jeans and a nice top when I go out for dinner, when really, it's much nicer to pop on a sweet little dress.
And in all honesty, I just never learn.
But I want to say that I've changed. I've become a little more sensible, and I've tried to dress more appropriately (I say that as though I wear a low cut backless dress to interviews...) for the places I'm heading. And you know what, I may slowly be nailing it.
I may actually be doing alright. I may actually even declare I'm just the right temperature for once.
Yeah. That's never happened before...
After trying to tell myself to wear skirts and dresses more, I've grown fond of Boohoo's A-Line skirts. For a girl with hips, a booty and well, all round junk in the trunk (yes, any girl can have junk in their trunk whatever size!) alongside a fairly small waist, A- Line skirts are never a let down. They nip you in right where you want them to be (leaving enough room for tucking in issues), and drape at all the right places.
Meaning that they almost, almost, flatter my larger-than-maybe-should-be-for-my-bodyframe hips.
And if a skirt can give off the illusion that I don't really have hips, then HELL, I'M BUYING THEM ALL.
Although, actually Kim bought me this little number for my birthday. And she did good.
So good infact that I've now decided I have the best moves on the dancefloor when I parade around in this jazzy printed dream... It's not quite so great for a sit down meal though. Nobody needs that kind of tightness in their lives when pasta is involved. Pasta always wins over clothes.
Nope, I save this little beauty for dancing.
I like dancing. And I like this skirt.
Top: Primark | Jacket: New Look | Skirt: Boohoo | Boots: New Look
My mug collection is pretty on point at the moment.. to a point where I open my cupboard and lose hours staring at them all with pride (I kid, cause you know, I have hobbies. A little...) and to top it off, my brother brought me these two over Christmas. So they may not be the easiest to drink tea out of on a Sunday morning, but they're fun and I like getting them out. So, cat mugs it is from now on..
I'm trying to read (I'm sure I say this ALL the time), but if someone recommends me a book, I will order it, in the hope that it'll grab my attention, but with a short attention span, it's fair to say I get bored easily. The Wrong Knickers did however win me over whilst on holiday last year, and I'm working my way through Paper Towns which may have taken a backburner since Confessions of a Tinderella arrived on my doorstep from Sarah recently..
As a child I loved playing outdoors, and would spend most of my evenings after school and weekends wandering through the woods or building dens in new locations. And then I got older, and it got colder (yup, I went there..) and outdoors didn't seem like me. But lately, I really like the outdoors.. I love throwing on my parka, a big tartan scarf, some fairly sensible shoes (I'm still working on that one) and taking a long walk in the countryside or forest, sharing the thoughts in my head with people. People I know FYI. Strangers would be a little weird...
Do you ever feel like you have a whole host of clothes in your house, one that you could have a party with, yet somehow most days you manage to panic that there is literally, NOTHING to wear? I'm currently feeling a little uninspired with my wardrobe at the moment. I want fitted clothes, but fitted clothes aren't right, then I want baggy clothes, but then I think about fitted clothes again.. I think, it's time for a pretty harsh clear out and almost start again. Key pieces, that's what they say don't they?
I'm a sucker for being that awkward one in Paperchase or Scribbler, laughing at all the cards which are not as funny as I probably laugh at. And after receiving some right cracking cards from people on my birthday, I've kinda turned them into decor. Because I just can't resist a pug shaped card talking about pooping on the bed. Oh and the one about looking taller on Tinder? Cracks me up every time!
My Christmas present rule was "one for them, one for me" and I picked up the Favourite Moment of the day Journal for Rosie, and couldn't resist getting myself one. Every night when I crawl into bed, I grab one of the colourful pens, and jot down the one thing that made me smile the most. It also gives me time to find something good in everyday, even if it means eating Halloumi for breakfast. 
Yes, that can be my most favourite thing somedays.

I told you, I'm an easily pleased one over here...
It's eight days since we celebrated the New Year, and quite honestly, I prepared myself that it doesn't actually ever feel that different. You cheer or do whatever you do when the clock strikes twelve, you send slushy drunk text messages to everyone in your phone book, you hug it out and then you carry on, and well, nothing seems different. Except the hangover.
I admitted that I felt like 2015 was a bubble and I was afraid of 2016 for it's new challenges, and adventures and what was out there. But then I told myself that it was just another day, because essentially, it is. We carry on doing what we know. What really changes?

And then the 1st January actually came around.
I changed my mindset, I was really ready for this year.
I spent two days on my own, and instead of feeling sad about it, I got on with it.
I filled up my diary and said yes to everything.
I decided to say that if I wanted to do something, I WOULD do it.
And I made myself even more positive than before.
I threw out the negative thoughts, the worrying thoughts, and the what if thoughts.
And I just was.

I just am.

And actually, I feel in a good place. A really good place. I'm really ready for 2016.
I've not set myself any goals, because reality for me is that I won't stick to them and instead I wake up each morning, and just take the day as it comes. Whatever has happened or happening in our lives, is part of the path we have mapped out for us. It's what brings us to where we are now.
That's what I think, and that's what I tell myself.
So I'm embracing it with open arms, prepared yet unprepared at the same time.
I'm just going to do.
Because, that's all we can do.

And as Eminem so put it once... We only get one shot at life.
I'm with Eminem on this one! Except I'll leave my baggy trousers at home.

"Don't count the days... Make the days count"
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