Sunshine cat. This little one who loves to catch the sun in the morning. We've been spending a bit more time at home some week days, and weekends which means it throws him off routine - but I think he likes it. He may sleep less when we're about, but he makes up for it in cat cuddles thats for sure! And how can you resist that large belly, cute nose and big eyes. I know I can't!

Lazy mornings in bed. There's something quite pleasing about waking up on a Sunday morning with little plans, and treating yourself to a well deserved breakfast, just because. At the moment we're all over pastries, and jam whether they're hot or cold. And throw in (not literally mind..) a peppermint tea, cat cuddles and some chilled music, making it nearly my favourite thing to do on a weekend (quote, nearly..).
Bike life. It was my birthday earlier this month, and it's fair to say I was utterly surprised when this not so little present, was standing at the front door. For me! ME! I've been wanting a bike for a year and a half, but haven't ever gotten round to it (and because, y'know weather and excuses), so of course it was only right to head straight out onto the streets and through the Surrey hills immediately. Let's just say that there's some practice needed and speed required especially when hills are involved...
Present buying. This year I was attempting to be incredibly organised with present buying, but lets just say that I'm still placing orders this weekend (and doing that one for them, one for me trick).. We've decided to treat a few loved ones to something a little more special this year, and there'll certainly be a Daniel Wellington* watch or two under that tree. If you're thinking the same, you can get 15% off an order (bonus!) with the code LITTLEWINTER, which means you can spend that 15% you saved on something for you.
Christmas spirit. I can't believe it's Christmas next weekend! All my presents (mostly) are still sitting in the spare room waiting to be wrapped, with an attempted cute bow and sweet little tags attached (this never looks as good as I imagine but whatever, I try!) for all our family and friends. I'm so excited to head back on Christmas Eve and spend a good amount of time laughing, eating and relaxing with everyone. And enjoying a few too many glasses of fizz.
Edinburgh. We took a trip to Edinburgh this week for a few nights, as part of the birthday surprise (oh this male, he's too nice!), and honestly I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a beautiful city as quick as this. Like, all the windows, all the gothic buildings, and that food. Oh and the Christmas markets, lights and vibes completely enhanced it in ways I never thought possible. Officially want to move up North now. Not sure the bike would work so well with those steep streets mind...

"It's the little things that make life big."
I don't even think I mentioned it here, but I started a new job over three months ago. It was a huge change, but one that I felt I wanted to do now, because the best time to try something new is now right?! I'm now a Social Media Manager for Culture Trip, and I spend my days scouring beautiful photos for our various Instagram channels in between photographing books in cosy environments. It's been a bit of a change, with a new commute, and longer hours (and the fact I've struggled to switch off with us always having social media around us), but I really enjoy it. And I'm so glad I made that new leap. Plus, I've mastered the sleep on the train, so y'know those early mornings aren't all so bad!
With moving out of one place, meant moving into another, and this time it was down to Reigate with it's village-like feel, beautiful backdrops and some pretty awesome coffee shops too! It's ideal right now, and since I've basically been here for the past three months anyway, it already feels like home. My fake plants are dotted around the house, my quoted frames are hung on the walls and I've called on the biggest drawer in the home for my underwear - so I think I'm currently winning. Also, living with the male has been fun. Genuinely. Except he's probably going to tire of my giggles as we're falling asleep...
Little Runklebum has been settling in like a dream after a few months of being the cat who's always in the car (and an amazing one at that too!), and has made quite the friend in the male too. Although he's not going outside at the moment, he spends his days being neighbourhood watch from the window, attempting to climb to the highest point of the wardrobe and leaving trails of hair bobbles up and down the hallway. He's also being even cuter than he's ever been - which I never thought possible. But sometimes things just constantly keep surprising us, and this is one of them!
London has lots to offer, but working long hours means that adventures in the city can be limited. We've been making more of an effort to use our weekly travel tickets, and jump back on a train to explore London on a weekend. A few weeks back, the male ran a half marathon (yup, I was feeling super proud) and with that it was only right to celebrate for the afternoon, drinking beer and wine in a quaint pub, with family. Days like these have us itching to explore more. And we'll never tire of spending time with our favourite people.
Oh London, you're being quite fun (even if you're tiring at times) and you've got so much food on offer, but you're not being so good on my hips! Lunch time is the best and the worst time with there being numerous restaurants and cafes everywhere you turn for a tasty treat. In the office we're currently obsessed with La Vietnamese in Clerkenwell because their Pho's are just perfect for this cold weather creeping in. Next week I'll bring in my lunch, I will. I'll just have to not walk past the pasta place all week.....
Buying new things, means wearing said new thing ALL the time. I know that's what happens with me anyway, and since this beautiful simplicity of a jumper entered my life a few weeks back, it's fair to say it's hardly left my side. It's cosy and warm which is great for those cold mornings, and it's a perfect colour with the a perfect turtle neck filling all my wardrobe needs. New Look, you're currently winning with your jumper selections. I think I'll be heading back shortly to you to bulk out this Winter wear!

I guess being away for a while finally does bring back words to your brain (and keyboard!).
Primark Tee | Boohoo Necker | Boohoo Culottes | New Look Slip-Ons

For the last 18 months or so I've debated culottes in my wardrobe. I wanted to be that girl, who sported a black bandeau top (long sleeve FYI) with some beautiful culottes that made my legs look like they go on forever, made me look lean, and also pretty damn sassy and together - because I mean, that's what we all want to look like on a night out right? I know I get these visions anyway...

Well, that dream was fairly shattered when I tried every single pair on. (It felt like it anyway!).

I tried fancy ones, I tried cheap ones. I tried really darn expensive ones and I tried every single colour known to man (OK, I stuck mostly to dark colours because, hello, hips!).
And then I gave up. It wasn't meant to be.
But really, I don't give up. Once I've got an idea in my head, well, it stays.
Even if I try to pretend it's disappeared. Oh it's still there.
It still hovers over the search button, and it still thinks maybe just this time. You know, cause sometimes it IS just so! And on this last occasion, it almost was this time.

I say almost, because I'm still undecided they're the most flattering on me, but you know what?
Occasionally we gotta say no to the bad vibes. And embrace it. Work with it instead.
Because, basically. I like them. A lot.

They're comfortable.
They're fitted round my waist. (yes mama, laugh at that elastic tie waist all you want...)
They sit at a length that doesn't make me look stumpy.
They hang pretty neatly off my hips, keeping my thighs still fairly hidden (winning!).
They're black. Practical.
And I can dress them down for work with my trainers and a chunky jumper. Or I can wear them with my trusty pink heels and a pretty slinky black top.

So in that sense. I think I finally won. I didn't give up on finding the (kinda) right pair.
And don't they say:
"The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don't."

Except I didn't get rid of anything this time.

So maybe that's not quite so accurate.....
"Sometimes, you just need a break. in a beautiful place. alone. to figure everything out"

Our lives are broken down into chapters, with each day, each moment essentially becoming an event in our lives. We do things and we achieve them, in order to be who and where we are today. And sometimes these things aren't necessarily created or led by us, they merely just come about.

I'm always a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and everything that we've done, we've learnt from, achieved and experienced, brings us to the current. The now. And for me now, those things that have built up over time, in my life and especially in the last eighteen months, have built me up for this moment. This next chapter in my life.
Now with another.

I remember when I first thought about living alone. I said it with confidence, partly because I don't think many people actually HAD the confidence in me living alone so I was trying to back my decision, my choice, but also because I was trying to believe it myself. If I said it boldly, I believed it.
I would. And I could live alone.
But really, I was completely and utterly shit scared.
I'd never lived alone before.
I liked being around people.
I liked having someone to go home to.
I liked cooking for people, or being cooked for.
I liked that warmth in a place where people where.
And I didn't actually think, I really wanted to do it. To live alone.
But I almost had to.

When friends told me that it would be the best thing I'd ever do, I honestly laughed at them. I thought I was different to them. I thought I wouldn't enjoy it. Because I don't like space alone, and they did. Because I wasn't good at quiet time, and they were. Because I thrived off people and got my energy off others, whereas they didn't feel the need to. 
And I basically admitted that I didn't do so well on my own. 

I was almost a fail, right before I'd even begun.

And then this strength came over me. I wasn't a teenager anymore (hell, I haven't been for a while. I need to remember that!); I knew how to work a washing machine (I mean, we'll ignore that it took me a year to buy the right washing powder..), I could cook for myself, I was capable of getting up in the morning. And I had a cat to keep alive. And myself.
I HAD to do it.
Because who else would in this right now?
So I found a flat. It was only my second place I'd viewed. And I instantly felt it was right... It's like, it was there, just at the right moment. For me.
Only me.

It's true what they say. Sometimes you really do just need a break, in a beautiful place, alone, to figure everything out.

I did just that.

This place, I called home. I completely made it my own. But more importantly, it made me my own too. It turned me into the person I am now. It made me realise what I wanted from life. It taught me things I didn't ever know. It highlighted things to me I never even thought I was capable of doing, and it really truly, made me, me. It was a blessing, in disguise.
It became the place where I cried more times than I can remember, where I healed a confused and lonely heart, where I debated everything in life and where I finally accepted to ask for reassurance. And it was also the place where I laughed nearly every day, where friends came and added their warmth to the walls, where evenings were spent drinking wine, cooking delicious food and catching up with loved ones. Where drunk nights were had, many sleepovers were prepared and memories that were made forever and will be looked back at fondly. With warmth, and love and a special time close to myself.
But mostly, it was the place where I met this guy. That guy I spoke about before, and where our relationship really blossomed, and our love grew. And laughter and happiness filled that little place every single day we were together.

It was a happiness that I'd never felt before in my life. In every single possible way.

And with that, as one chapter ends and that beloved blue door closes to my favourite home so far, with a few tears in my eyes, another one opens and welcomes me in with excitement and love that quite honestly, makes me smile.

A real genuine smile. Full of love.

"A house is just bricks and mortar. But memories made wherever, stay forever."


This is to you.

To the one who has made me smile like a Cheshire cat this year. The one who's made me feel things I didn't even know possible, and most of all to the one who I like. I like a lot.

"If you can learn to love yourself and all your flaws, you can love other people so much better. 
And that makes you so much happier."

I remember when I was a young girl, and my papa once said to me that 'you learn to love when you love yourself' and never has a phrase stuck with me so much.
I thought I liked boys when I was younger, but I always battled with myself. I never felt quite content in my own skin, I wasn't always 100% accepting of who I was.
But I wasn't, I'm not, a horrible person.
So why couldn't I just accept, and love who I was? If I didn't like that, then how would anyone else?

I suppose that's what we go through, when we grow up. We can so easily mask things, and hide what we really think. But there comes a time, when we get a little bit older, and we have more responsibilities, more opportunities and we may be put in situations, where we have to talk highly of ourselves. And the more we tell others, the more we begin to believe it.
We start to love us. And all our flaws too.

Towards the end of last year, I sat and thought about everything the year had taught me and what it had made me become. It changed me for the better, it made me realise I was stronger, and it also taught me what I was capable of but it also made me see that I was me. Just me.

And I think, in that moment, I started to like the person I'd become.

I walked into 2016 (actually, I think I stumbled home...) with a positive outlook, a fresh mindset and a determination that if I wanted to do something, then I could. And that I, myself, was content with everything about me. Flaws and all.
I walked into 2016 with the biggest smile on my face (OK, the drink that night may have helped) because I had a good feeling about it. Things were about to change, and I was ready.

That smile has not left my face since.

And I know for certain, that it was down to you.

You simply crossed my path in the last week of 2015. An unexpected and hugely unexplained cross at that, leaving me baffled for months after to wonder how this could be possible -  it was simply pure chance that you were in my area, at this particular time. A reason for this. Maybe a moment of fate? An incredibly grateful moment of fate at that too.
And even the distance between our two houses didn't stop our chats till 5am, our endless list of songs to share and listen too, the similarities between our personalities, the endless laughter we had and the want to find out more about each other. There was this warmth, that instantly filled inside of me more and more as each day passed, and still now, that feeling doesn't fade... If anything, it only gets warmer.
I find myself intrigued daily, by you, by your ways and your thoughts. I feel like I know so much already, but still have so much more to find out. I find myself inspired by you, feeling like I want to succeed myself, and match the determination that you have. I find myself pushing my limits because of you, making me realise that I actually can do the things I sometimes didn't believe I could.
And I find myself feeling all these things that I've never felt before.
From you, the person who I see myself in, when I stare right at you.

I like that you make me laugh, every single day.
I like even more that you care and support everything I do.
I like that I want to be your biggest cheerleader.
I love the places that we've visited together this year.
I like that I admire you more and more each day.
I also like that you're a little strange, even if you disagree.
I like that you inspire me, and that you believe in me.
I like your face, and the way I catch you sometimes staring at me.
I like that we know what each other are thinking.
I also hugely like that you appreciate corn as much as me.
And my heart warms when I see you and Runkle curled up together.
And I really like, that you're almost, if not more, as much of a faffer as I am.
Y'know, we just get each other.

I like that. Like I like you.

And so, I thank you. For being you. And helping  me to be content with myself. And for all the laughter and adventures that we've had so far. Words cannot fully describe the way it all feels, but you know what I think. And that's all that matters, between you and I. A team.

Here's to us, a team. And the next part of this journey..

Love me x

Life has been a whirlwind these past few weeks, and big changes are about to happen which I'm really excited and nervous about! But all whilst feeling these things, I'm always finding the positive, the better picture and being more and more carefree as each day goes by. I like this feeling too! Soon i'll be so carefree, i'll start floating instead of walking. Yeah, maybe not..
I can't deal with all this cute. He wants to spend time with me and sit next to me, and rub his wet nose against my cheek, and spread himself out so I stroke his belly and rest my head next to him. And it seems that as he gets older, he becomes much more dependent on me and wants to stare right at my face (like right at it). I'm certainly not complaining. Not when there's a squishy belly to snuggle.
I'm counting down t until the doughnut is back in the pool next week. It'll be mine and the male's first holiday together, and we're excited to get away for some sunshine, a glistening pool and a day of cocktail drinking. Oh, and I can guarantee there'll be lots of laughter, he's a funny one.
I bought some books for my holiday last month in the hope that I'd read them, but I'm a fidget and it took me ten days to read just one! So I've re-packed this book and also ordered another, thinking that maybe this time I will read. But actually, I know I'll end up snoozing..
All I seem to do on weekends is drink. It's a friends birthday? Let's go for a drink! Hey we've got a wedding, lets drink wine. Shall we just get a takeaway and chill tonight? Let's have a cider!
I mean, I'm not complaining - after all Summer is for fruity cider right? And this is by far my favourite.
Because every home deserves pretty flowers.

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear"
Firstly, we need to talk about all the cute in this photo. I mean, he may have those little beady eyes on me at 4am when he wants to sit on the back of my neck, and wonder why I'm not playing with him (I like to think though he's just checking I'm still alive..), BUT it's too cute to ignore even if the alarm isn't due to go off for another two hours...
I think there's now battle of the best breakfasts these days. What once was my speciality of potato waffles and avocado now has competition against 'The Super Breakfast'. I mean, it is very tasty and gives me heaps of energy but can it beat my waffle one? That i'm still debating. Although when it's brought to you in bed, then I guess actually, it's winning...
I sometimes travel with work (sadly it's not the glamorous kind) and when the sun is shining and the Yorkshire Dales are on the cards then I really don't complain. And it's become routine to stop in the Dales and check out a different view each time. Accompanying the trip with an awesome colleague, lots of frappes and the perfect driving soundtrack - I think I can get used to this.
I've been a little quiet this week on the diary front, so I've taken some time out for myself. I had a long hot bath one night, with the soft sounds of Ruth B in the background and only my thoughts for company. I had a night where I tidied up my clothes, and decided what I want to wear for holiday. And I had a night where I took myself to bed at 8pm, because I could. It was actually bliss.
Last weekend we took a trip to visit the Sassy Peas in Bournemouth, with the men too and had such a wonderful weekend. It was full of cider and cocktails, enough food to feed the world and more laughter than you can imagine. Time with these two awesome creatures, and their equally awesome other halves (and y'know #Timstagram) is how I love spending my spare time. Especially when your stomach hurts from laughing. At pointless things too.
This little things makes me chuckle more than normal. It seems that any space he can crawl into, he will. And just like any other cat, he loves his carrier bags! On this occasion, he refused to leave it and ended up asleep inside for nearly two hours... Even when I decided it was time for my bed, and shimmied him out of it, before putting the bag on the floor, did I receive a look of disgust from him. Before he took himself onto the floor, and back into the bag...
But you know what, I wouldn't have him and his perculiar mind, any other way.
The light is creeping through the windows early in the morning and the smell of warm fresh air begins to hit you. The supermarket shelves are full of BBQ food and holiday shop essentials, the suitcases are down from the loft and the hayfever has come out in full force.
That's when you know Summer is here. I like Summer.

I like that you can spend your afternoon drinking cider, whether it's in a local park or you've taken a drive and stopped somewhere with a view. I like you can drink fruity cider at music festivals, and you can head to the pub after work for a cheeky cider.

I like the smell of freshly cut grass in the Summer.

I like that I can wear my leather jacket most evenings. It's my trusty friend when my shoulders get chilly on a shady afternoon, or a mild evening.

I like the bright mornings, when the sun is shining through the curtains waking you up earlier than you'd like. And I like that the evenings stay light until almost bedtime, and you feel a sense of calm as you crawl under the covers some days when the light is still bright.

I like that you can eat all the watermelon. All the time.

I like driving down the country lanes, with the windows down (us folk who don't have air con over here..), the chilled music playing through the speakers and the views of fields, covered in Sunflowers, and green grass.

I also like the daisies in the garden. I like making daisy chains.

I like that Pimms becomes the favourite drink, and the fridge is always full of cucumber and mint and strawberries. And that Pimms somehow tastes so, so much nicer in the sunshine.

I like that I can have my legs bare, and simply slip on a sundress. With a pair of sandals. And you feel free, and fresh.

I like the British seaside in the Summer, and the ice cream stalls standing in all their glory as they present all the various flavours making it their time to make people happy.

I like how happy the Summer can make people. Relaxed, and healthier.

I like a pub garden.

I also like making iced coffee in the morning. With a squirt of caramel sauce.

And best of all, I  like that smell when you're walking home from a BBQ, and you can smell other BBQ's, the warmth in the air, the content feeling inside, and just quite simply, the smell of Summer.
That's my favourite one.
The sun is shining, the vest has been put back into the drawer until September, and the pub gardens seem to be filling up - and the best bit is that everyone seems to be positive and happy. It's funny how the change in weather can do that to us. But I guess it's true, that the sun does make us happy.
I've been so busy these last few weeks (I say that every time!) that last week I took some chilled time after work, for me. I Spring cleaned my house, I watched some trash TV and I sat about in my knickers because I could. I liked it. But I'm glad that my diary is full again.
And with a full diary, comes a happy face. Here's my five happy things for this week:

Holiday month! I go on holiday at the end of the month, and I can't quite believe it. After talking about this for nearly a year when we got excited, it's crazy that it's actually coming around so soon. I only just bought a bikini after being told that one is simply not enough for eleven days... Roll on the sunshine, and the free drinks, and a very inviting pool with some of my people.

Ciders in the sun. It's officially the time when we can meet for a fruity cider in a beer garden on the weekend. I love nothing more than doing that. Mine's an Elderflower Cider please.

Food Festival. I'm off to Bournemouth for the weekend to see the Sassy Peas for couples times, and the Food Festival is on, so a weekend spent eating all types of food, drinking cider and hanging out with people who make me laugh, is a blissful way. Hurry up 4pm!

Game Of Thrones. About ten years behind, but we've just finished Season 1. We cannot stop watching it, but we've a rule where we can only watch it together, so I think this may take some time...

Fresh Bed Sheets. Is there anything more satisfying and content than getting into some crisp and fresh white bedding sheets? Although it does make it difficult to leave them in the morning. Even if the sun is shining through!

"Surround yourself with those who make you happy."
I've been on this blog for nearly five years, and if I'm being honest, there's things you'd know about me that normally only my closest would know (we're talking feelings, small vagina's and yes, my arm hair insecurity) so I guess in a sense, we're basically friends right now.
BUT, saying that, there are so many things you don't know.
I'm talking the peculiar sense.. Like would you find me weird if I told you that every morning on my drive to work, I have to play Nick Mulvey's Fever To The Form - on volume 24, from start to finish and I sing. Whatever mood, whatever the weather, I sing it. Every single morning.
You see, I do peculiar things.
As does everyone. So today, I'm telling you some facts about me, that you may not know...

I love corn. Like really love it. I have it with every dinner that I cook.

I STILL manage to get confused by fabric softener and conditioner at the supermarket and most likely end up buying the same product, however saying that, I did get it right on my last shop. It resulted in a proud phone call to Mama Mcfred. Let's see how long it lasts...

When I walk places, I occasionally add a skip into my step. I don't know why, but I do.

Worrying is my strongest skill. I worry about everything whether it's for me, or everyone else, and even if I don't think I'm worrying? I'm still worrying!

This one's a funny one (well it is now), if a little gross but y'know, whatever.. Up until I was 14, I couldn't cut my own toenails for fear of them falling off. And it always just happened to be toenail cutting night when my brother's hot friends came round...

I'm a big sharer, and always offer my clothes/accessories/shoes to friends if I don't use them. But I always want to wear what they've then borrowed..

"Everything happens for a reason" is my life motto. Cheesy. But true.

I like cheese too. But I think you already know that...

I have never eaten an actual steak. Nope, I've never ordered one in a restuarant, cooked one or been bought one. And quite honestly, it doesn't really appeal to me anyway. I'll just take the chips..

Runkle is my favourite ever thing on the planet. Without a doubt, the best.

I have a gluten intolerance, but I'm the worlds worst so you'd probably never really realise that. The doughnuts, they always sway me..

Hate to break it to you, but sadly Mitten isn't my surname. I thought it was cute (even though I don't want to be labelled cute...)

I'm indecisive. Like ridiculously indecisive.

And I'm gullible. Tell me that the sky is actually green? Yeah I've really considered it once...

Most lunches at work, I nap at my desk. I eat my lunch, and then it hits 1.20pm and I lay my head on the desk fall asleep until I'm woken up at 1.59pm ready for the afternoon. And yes, I really do sleep!

I'm one of those people who say that it takes three hours to wash, dry and straighten my hair. It actually only takes two hours. But I'm also one of those people who sits on their bed in a towel and loses an hour doing absolutely nothing.

Right now, I'm the happiest I think I've ever been.

And right now, I'm currently debating whether to finish the last two bits of shortbread in a packet or not. Because, we all eat a pack in one sitting sometimes, right?

"Believe you can, and you're halfway there"

Burrito Cat. I can't stop telling people about how this one has become a full on burrito at night (OK, so lets not admit it only happened twice...) which has melted my heart. He's been on extra fussy mode lately, and after cuddles on my chest, i'll gently roll him over on his side with me, and he'll happily lay wrapped up in the throw and stay there till morning. And that's what makes him burrito cat.
A dapper burrito cat if I must add too.
Refueling. Last week I got the lurgy, and for someone who rarely takes sick days, it seemed the only option was to stay in bed and sleep it off. Only two days later did I wake for a cuppa and started to feel like myself. Only to then end up completely hungover a few days later after a work conference. It's funny how tea can solve those struggles. Oh and maybe the help of a bed for a few hours...
Throat Medicine. With the lurgy brought a sore throat that still won't budge. And upon realising that Strepsils weren't for me (I mean, they remind me of being ten years old and having them for school trips, JUST INCASE but using them as treats on the coach instead...), I took my grown up self to the shop and bought ice cream. And it's working wonders. Thank you Ben and Jerry. You never let me down.
New Shoes. I'm a boot girl through and through but in the last few months, I'm drawn to heels. I like to pop on my trusty pink pair with my jeans and an off the shoulder top (yes, THAT top I keep talking about!) because it makes me feel sassy. So I told myself I needed some new colours, and I treated myself to a grey suede pair, and chose these fun black heels from Clarks*. And you know something? I have never known comfort in a shoe quite like it. Extra padding, the perfect height. AND I feel cool.
Weekends in Brighton. I write about Brighton a lot, because I visit a lot. And last weekend I packed a bag and headed down South for a few days cat sitting. We spent it eating Mexican for dinner (and for breakfast if we're going down that route..), eating cake by the seafront, catching up with Sarah, and enjoying an afternoon in the pub drinking cider and talking life. And those, those are moments that really make me feel nice. And appreciate that life, is bliss.
Colourful Salads. I like vegetables more than the average person (OK, so maybe not, but I buy a lot for one person) and eat them everyday if possible (give or take those cheeky McDonalds cravings...). This week I made a sweet potato and chorizo salad with spinach, peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of feta for good measure and you know what? It was amazing. So amazing, that I've not stopped talking about it, and I've already made it again since...
There are times when we do something out of the ordinary, which doesn't seem quite so unusual to most but we know it's a different direction. We know we've either stepped out of our comfort zone, or had a mad moment of want, or even opted for change. Because, sometimes change is good.
And well, last month for me, that involved buying a dress. A dress with a colour. And a print.
A rarity these days, I must add.
You see, I normally tend to buy black. Or white. Or grey. Or even navy.
I mean, it's not intentional. It just so happens. Because I like those colours, and they work. And for me, I feel like they look cool, like I haven't really tried (even though we all know I have...).
But a few weekends ago, I did try. In the way of this red dress - OK, so I didn't REALLY try. I mean, I popped it on and debated it for a good hour, until the girls told me it was cute and it should be a keeper. So I listened. Even though I don't want to be cute.. I want to be cool. It's a constant battle!
 I teamed it with some black boots and my leather jacket, in the hope to 'cool it up' (does anyone else ever try to attempt this all the time? No? Just me...) and debated adding my sunglasses for a real edgy look. Except one has simply lost them. Again! I guess that's my Summer saving plan - buy some new ones! I've been eyeing up (get it?) these Chopard Sunglasses to make me look the official part. Although I reckon they'd go best with simple blacks and grey outfits. So urm, I guess it's back to the trusty wardrobe on a regular basis...
Well, until the sun starts making an appearance. And I end up too hot in all black..
Dress: Boohoo | Boots: Cloggs* | Tights: Wolford
Photos by Rosie.

I did a post a while back about the things that make me, me. And so I thought I'd do a Runkle edition. Because he's a fairly big character in this house and even though he spends half of his days curled up in the tree pretending to be a bird, he does things too (actually we're working on the exercise part...) and just like any animal, he likes the most peculiar of stuff..
I think maybe it's true what they say, that animals are similar to their owners...
Runkle likes eating. He really likes eating. But we have a routine.. He has dry biscuits throughout the day and then he has a wet pouch in the evening, and that's how we work. He enjoys cheeky treats every so often - and his latest favourite is the Gourmet Soup* pouches. Poured into a tapas bowl, he truly feels like he's ordered a Chicken & Sweetcorn soup from the local Chinese. And I believe he maybe wins the Guiness World Record for eating it the quickest. Oh and maybe the cleanest bowl ever.
Runkle likes affection. Runkle really likes affection, and has developed this weird habit where by he immediately comes and settles down onto my lap whenver I'm wearing a towel. I'm not sure how it started, or why it pleases him, but wherever he is or whatever he's up to - you can guarantee that within seconds of me sitting on the side of my bed to 'dry', he'll be there in a flash..!
Runkle likes slobbing. Runkle always has a reason to slob. And his latest one involves his legs set apart, laying on his back and expecting a full face massage. If you've never given your cat a face massage (just under their cheek area), then try it. You'll enjoy it as much as them!
Runkle likes hibernating. Runkle is partial to hiding in places where he believes nobody will ever find him. The only problem is, is that if it's not his big ears poking out of the drawers, it's his big butt hanging out from under the bed. But to be fair, I don't blame him from hibernating when it's raining.
Nobody wants to sit outside all day...
Runkle likes daydreaming. Genuinely, Runkle daydreams. He spends his evenings looking out at the blank wall, or the morning sat on the windowsill watching the world go by. And when he's asleep? Oh he sure dreams a lot. Sometimes he runs (not too much though, it tires him out!), and sometimes he catches things. And other times he thinks about food. Gourmet Soup food I bet..!
Runkle likes me. And I like him. Which is what makes us a right little pair!
Although actually, there's a new friend in town who's currently beating me to the BFF title.
I'm not sure I'm cool with this - it's a good job he's cute!
The cat that is, not the new friend. Actually, he is too...

Hours can be spent lost on AirBnB, looking for cosy places to hide away for the night or somewhere quirky where you can spend a few days eating and relaxing, because the options are endless. And after telling ourselves we'd attempt an adventure each month, we wanted somewhere fun and different for March. With my incredible experiences in procrastinating, I sent over three various wagons and huts and eventually we opted for this wagon in the woods.
Because, LOOK at that window!
And you know, any bath is good. But a bath hidden under the floor is even better!
With the car loaded up of Camembert, Disaronno, nibbles and our muddiest boots, we headed to Medstead and found ourselves driving around the country roads taking in the peaceful surroundings before we eventually rocked up at Plum Cottage and greeted by the chickens in the garden (Papa asked me to steal him five for his garden...).
The wagon itself was built by the host, Ralph, and you know what, it's an impressive job for sure! Everything was thought about with care. Already this place didn't seem to disappoint.
Considering the size of the wagon (it's actually bigger than the pictures look!), I liked the little touches that added to it - with the fake flowers, and the wireless radio. And that kettle!
The sink was also a quirky addition with a bucket attached to the wood - although washing up a pan in that wasn't the easiest of tasks!
Once Ralph had showed us around, we slipped off our shoes (actually, we did that at the front door), and had ourselves some cider and beer whilst mustering up some energy for the hour walk to the nearest pub.
We were recommended The Yew Tree which was the closest, and as we walked through the muddy footpath, the sun decided to come out making it a blissfull late afternoon.
After losing our bearings (I mean, we weren't lost, we just took a detour...) and playing auction with the sheep (and stopping to say hi to every single animal!) we eventually turned up at what could only be described as a proper, traditional English pub. Sunday afternoons spent drinking cider and chatting are certainly the best way to relax.
Feeling pretty smug that we'd made it back to the wagon just before the sunset, we turned on the heater and opened some more ciders where we spent majority of the late afternoon and evening listening to chilled music and making the most of this quaint little place before realising we'd filled up the fridge with snacks and goodies for the night!
With our stomachs full from cheese and pulled pork, and sour cream dipped tortilla's (guilty for being the dip hogger...), we decided to make full use of the fire facitlities so wrapped ourselves up and headed outside where we spent three hours drinking Disaronno, putting more logs on the fire and talking about anything and everything, all whilst being fascinated with the absolute peacefulness of the night.
Well apart from the sneaky little hare's who kept skipping by. And maybe scaring me..
Being a big fan of the natural light, we headed to bed with the curtains open because I was adamant the view in the morning woudln't disappoint. And it didn't. Even at 6am when we were woken to the sound of chickens having a party (so it sounded anyway!). I still couldn't get over just how calm and private the wagon was. It really was a perfect hideaway for a night.
Of course we couldn't start the morning without a bath, especially when it was too appealing besides the open window overlooking the fields. With the soft bubbles filling up the tub and the kettle boiling for fresh tea, it was the perfect combination to make use of the sunny morning before we were due to leave.
I think I want a bath in my ground now...
The best part though about the Wagon? Seeing these on the shelf! And ironically, it was only the day before where I'd joked that we should buy some Wagon Wheels so we could eat them in said Wagon. I guess Ralph was already ten steps ahead.
Except when I was at school, Wagon Wheels weren't the coolest of biscuit bars.
They were the ones you tried to trade in...
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