Happy Holidays!

That time has come, the time that we've spent counting down so constantly this month, and where the hustle and bustle has since calmed down and the panic buying has been finished. No more can be done, and we now prepare for the next few days of mayhem, filled with endless supply of wine, mounds of ripped up wrapping paper, a constantly full stomach, laughter in the house and the best time spent with family and friends - Christmas! 
And so with my bags packed ready to head down the road to my parents for a while (nobody wants to wake up alone y'know) and my presents perfectly placed under their tree, it's time for me to keep my blogger dashboard at arms length (I have no trouble lately!), and embrace a busy house full of people for the next few days.
Because to me, that is absolute bliss.
And I can't bloody wait.

Merry Christmas everyone - and remember, if you want to eat all the cheese, do it!

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